Yaney | 1992

1992 By Yaney

Family Average: 6/7

Hey there Yaney! Great to have you here. Yaney is a post pop powerhouse. They are fronted by the leader of the band Yaney Salgado who is that voice that you hear through your speakers when you listen to the album. So much earnest energy just pours out of this album. The family likes energy! What in the world could they have thought about all this?

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Well I am of fan of Yaney. I am pleased to say that I have broadened my horizons I can embrace this international artist. I really like her music but I can’t understand a word of it, so I am going on pure emotion with this one.  The first track “Arpegi” reminds me of a street carnival held in the neighborhood, it is lighthearted with whimsical guitar work throughout, it puts you in a good mood. I can only hope the lyrics are reflective of my interpretation. “La Timidez opens with a “Foo Fighters” power chord guitar riff vibe, complete with feedback, ironically I think “timidez” translate to “shyness”. This was one of my favorite tracks. Each track is light and airy similar to  Jack Johnson, John Mayer, especially “Ya Habra Tiempo” which is another really great song. Overall this album is a real stand out, each track has something pleasing and interesting for the listener. Una obra maestra del arte y buena para el alma.



I was immediately charmed by Yaney's breathy vocals and delicately textured compositions. The album is really just a stunning display of ability to create compelling music. It's emotive, interesting, and resonating. Each track is carefully layered with distinct and varied tones, tinkering between the acoustic and electric, bouncing between synths and delicate harmonies. She does a great job of balancing between the hard and the soft; meshing propelled and driving riffs with much slower melodies.  I have no idea how, but she is able to build into these ripping crescendos with an immense amount of force, yet maintains a lightness and fragility with voice. I don't even know if you can describe a voice as translucent, but hers is -- through its lightness, the instrumentals are highlighted, augmented, and never overshadowed. And despite it's semi-sweet, high-pitched quality, there is a melancholia to the songs that make for a really lovely juxtaposition. Yaney definitely seems to be following in the footsteps of '90s singer-songwriters, successfully maintaining the sense of authenticity and humility I admire about the era's acts.




Soft and intimate. This album is exceptionally beautiful. Gentle, calming you never want her to leave. There is something special about her, more people need to hear her.

The first things I noticed were her voice and the lyrics. Personal and delicate, stripped down and real. She knows just how to complement that soft voice with her guitar and impressive instrumentals creating a heavenly sound.

She is a full-on artist, strong in all areas of her craft.  The instrumental tracks such as “Radicali” could play throughout my head forever and I would overall be a more calm and content human.

It is unbelievable what she does with the guitar (and what it consequently does to you.)

I especially liked the instrumental intro to “Velaré por nuestros sueños.”

Demasiado lindo el disco. Aguante la Yandel.



I have never been more bummed out about a language barrier. I am sure I am going to annoy the heck out of Meghan Maldjian constantly asking her what lyrics meant what in her music. Even with this obstacle I still have so much love for this album.

Yaney Nails that sweet spot the music is always sentimental, and still authentic. I also appreciate the very specific range the album plays in. While songs vary between more subdued, and energetic they never show too much of a disparity. I guess it's like always kind of at a whisper, so even when it's screaming it’s a loud whisper. Does that make sense? No probably not.

The structures she creates with the different guitar tones is stellar. Using the electric guitar she drives the rhythm of the song with this sort of thump sound. Then she wraps it all up with these delicate little notes picked by a very clean sounding guitar.

Those instrumental tracks though! “Radicali II” oh they had swaying like a palm tree.

Her voice, oh man. I guess I kind of touched on it above with the whole whisper thing, but I want to get a chance to really highlight it. At a time where there are tons of singer-songwriter indie rock personalities. It's so important to get your unique personality out with your sound. Yaney does this pretty well. It has this great up high kind of range, sounds a little like Julie Cruise. Again bummer that I have no idea what she is saying, regardless I would send her a dozen roses.


Sean Maldjian