Addison Wakeford | Salute (Single)


Family Average: 3.3/7

Let's get down to a good old folky song right here. I say song because this is just one song because thats right everybody, it is singles Saturday! Let's see what the family had to say about Addison Wakeford's single "Salute".

You can also listen along on Addison's bandcamp while you check out what we had to say:


It’s like a more indie, less sad Simon and Garfunkel. It’s a song you don’t listen to too intently so I was kinda tuning in and out of the lyrics, but from what I did catch it sounded like if someone sang an e e cummings poem. Whether the lyrics have the substance of one of his poems though would require some analyzation. It’s very calm yet whimsical. One thing I found that took me out of it though was the singing. The pitch was all over the place and sometimes it made you stop and think about what you were listening to.It’s nice, but nothing new.



What’s the next song. Oh it’s just a single? Thank GOD! I’ve had enough with the folk music. Done with it. I’m tired of the pretentious hokey wanna be singers. Member when singers became country singers because they didn’t know how to sing? That’s what’s happening now but with folk singers. Sorry!



Bubbly and light. I liked the constant popping of the strings as the one guitar player slapped along for the whole song. The light and lingering kinda singing style fit the mood of the whole thing. I am glad this song came on as soon as the sun started to peak through the clouds, a good way to put this song into context, because although there is a bright element to it, I do get the notion that it is being smothered by some sad vibes. Hope they make some more stuff.



It had a Cat Stevens quality, but overall it was a little more disturbing. I kept trying to convince myself that it was pleasing to the ear. In the end I really didn’t like it. Too monotonous, no change up, very predictable. If it was background music, I wouldn’t even know it was playing. Sorry! I didn’t like it. But hey, Kevin crushes people’s dreams too.  



La la la Addison Wakeford eh? What a perfect fella to listen to at the end of a perfect beach weekend. The sun setting, the waves calmed, the rain drying in the front yard. The sky is blue and so is his voice, rather blue. I know this kind of vocals isn’t considered “good” but I dig it. This song would fit nicely into the mellow tracks I keep in my “Bus Naps” playlist.



I appreciate the mellow vibe and genuinely liked the layered guitar, but the bouncing repetition wore on me. It's the type of song I'd play once -- once -- first thing in the morning or at the end of the day, to set a certain tone. Though I was left feeling nonplussed, there is definitely something about the artist that makes me wanna hear more. When I'm listening to someone new, I get excited when I hear something unique and innovative. This just didn't land for me. But, I'd like to check out a full album to see if they incorporate more variation and let their character shine through a bit.


Sean Maldjian