Eyes Eyes | War (Single)

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Family Average: 5.3/7

Welcome to the first edition of our SINGLES Saturday. Everyone seems to like these because they take almost no time to review compared to an entire album, so we are going to try and review some every weekend.

Alright, I'll work with the theme and keep this short. Listen along on Soundcloud and check out what we had to say:


It was enjoyable, despite what the album cover would suggest. Sounded like a mix of Tame Impala, Father John Misty, and MGMT...just not as good. But that's a high bar though. This song was nice, and I'd be interested to hear more from this guy



I got some heavy John Lennon vibes from this track. Thats not to say that I liked it. I think they drew a lot of inspiration from the magical mystery tour period of the beatles. It is because sound is so famaliar that I dislike it more. On top of that there is too much shit going on. I would love to hear a stripped down version with just the vocals and a guitar because they are tallented but in the end it is muddied by all the instrument. 

It’s magical mystery tour meets Jonas Brothers 



This was just an easy song to listen to, in neither a good or bad way.  But I think I liked it. Layers. Reminded me of the sunny indie music i used to listen to in high school with an electronic element. Bit reminiscent of The Shins Something a little different though can’t quite put my finger on it. They kind of changed styles throughout the song. Brought me nostalgia for a time not too far in the past.



Hey here we go with some good old fashioned positive energy slow motion walking music. Track clocks in about 4 minutes, and that's okay because you are going to take your time on this walk and let these fellahs sing a little in your ear.  While it is a nice mellow ride can't say for sure if anything grabbed me by the cuffs and moved my person, even kiel all the way through not a bad thing, but leaves me feeling a little empty inside.



Maybe it was the seagull-like sounds at the beginning but this track took me to a chill day at the seaside, walking on the pier, eating a melting ice cream cone and just being content. This song just had me swaying from the get-go. I’m also a sucker for harmonious whistling and I would like to hear more, please and thank you.



The title of this song should be “Totally Overproduced.”

Pick a genre and stick with it don’t try to take everything you like and include it into one song.

He has a good voice, and he wrote a good song but you can’t hear it, you can’t find the song. He needs to  have confidence in his voice, to strip away all that stuff and just sing and play with his music and it’ll be much better.



It sounds like something I’d heard before but can’t name, probably because the artist is taking themes and elements from all different kinds of places. For a slow song there’s definitely a lot going on. It’s like someone took a 70s groove vibe and put a bunch of filters and additional tracks on it.
That said, it does have a nice atmospheric feel to it. They definitely hit that trippy floaty feeling on the mark. It’s like a light slowly coming into focus, an indie movie where the protagonist is waking up on a beach with blurry vision and muffled hearing, with no idea how they got there.
Sometimes less is more, maybe if some of the noise was taken out it would sound better, more genuine.



I did not have high hopes for this one and wow! Despite the eggs on the face, this single sounds like it was made by a pretty put together musician. From intro to end, I was nodding along and it was a feeling rather groovy. Definitely had some Tame Impala feel to it. Would be a great song for a drive down to the beach..which I may just have to do now.


Sean Maldjian