Jealous Painter | Wired & Tired

Family Average: 5.5/7

Well hello there Jealous Painter. Always glad to see people sending us their music. Today's tunes fall into the comfortable indie singer songwriter kind of zone. To some people this is a plus, and others not so much. Either way if you are intrigued you should for sure check out her bandcamp.


What a real lovely space this album just put me in. There is something charming about an album in which every instrument used to record it you could see fitting in your bedroom. Then all thats left is to use your minds eye to place yourself in that room (strategically of course as to not be sitting on top of a tambourine) and let the the smoothe tunes cary you away to a state of pure bliss. This was my super contrived way of saying I really enjoyed the album on the whole and especially the simple scale of everything. Hope to one day catch this act in NYC :)



This album has a nice rainy day mood to it. Something to put on while you’re working on a painting or sitting on a windowsill with some tea. It was a bit rough in the beginning, but founds its stride as the tracks progressed. A lot of them consist of just her voice and her guitar, but they’re both beautiful so it works. The additional guitar and tambourine accents help give some songs that additional edge they need to really sell. Some of the tracks have a bit of a weird audio distortion to it, I’m guessing to set a mood and give it a bit more of a humble or down-to-earth feel. I understand how that might be appealing depending on what you’re trying to get out of a song, but I tended to prefer the cleaner audio quality.

Nothing groundbreaking but a nice heartfelt  vibe.



Hi Patty here. Well the first song was kinda slow, and it almost lost me, but I am glad I continued to listen. Because I came to appriceate her tallent, and her focous on her craft. The more you listen to it the more obvious it is that she is playing all the instruments and writing all the words. That made me like the album a lot more. She is the real deal! Also her voice is not half bad either.



Finally a singer songwriter with conviction. This artist is not afraid to record her work with vocals unaltered by useless overproduced effects. I love that she sings straight into the mike with an acoustic guitar, very refreshing. Yes kids that is the way it is supposed to be. I like the artist i like the music ,her  thoughtful composition with a beautiful voice, in key, she pours her heart and soul out in poetry. Because I am a pop artist at heart,  i found my self looking for a hook or change in tempo which is clearly not her style but hey,  it would have been a welcomed surprise. I am curious to see if she could play rock and roll I’m guessing yes..



This album lulled me into a state of melancholic girl angst -- which honestly suited my mood this week. The lyric "Walking the line between crazy and fine" particularly struck a chord (pun intended), and helped me brood like nobody's business.

The tracks sort of bleed together, and at times, the lack of variation can make it feel a bit drawn out and repetitive. But these are emotions, dang it! Who am I to judge ((Really. I am not qualified). 

I've been struggling to put my finger on who she reminds me of, and the closest I can come up with is Cat Power. Anyone else think so? Same sort of vibe. Overall, I'm into it, and would be interested to see what else jealouspainter puts out. 


Sean Maldjian