In Love With a Ghost | Gay Story


The album is called “Gay Story” and the artist name is In Love With a Ghost, who is based in Paris, France.

We’ll keep the intro short and sweet, much like the album itself. It’s so short in fact, that if you listen along on their bandcamp, you may finish the album before you finish reading our reviews.

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Let’s get it going:


Well what do we have here? Some lovely pixie music to warm up my snowy, terrible day. Gosh I don’t think I have ever had a more intimate experience listening to an album. It felt like I was sitting on a friend’s bed while they had a laptop open to show me some tunes they had been really into lately. And you like this person so you are like “yeah man I can get into this”.

I don’t know, I’m a bit of a fan boy when it comes to synth pop. Something about those claps and punchy kick drums ughhh just gets me going!



The perfect album to listen to on yet another cold and rainy day here in the North East. Some of these albums I come in blind because I am not familiar with the artists. This can be a blessing or a curse, I guess. In this case it was a welcome surprise!

I love when an artist paints a picture/sets a mood and that’s certainly happening here. What a beautiful collection. I usually like songs with lyrics that I can relate to. I think the fact that they were able to relate to me through only these soothing melodies speaks volumes. So worth the very short 11+ minutes, left me wanting more. Thank you!



In Love With A Ghost’s experimental album doesn’t assault your eardrums, instead choosing to politely knock and ask to come inside. This homoerotically-named project is the perfect background music for studying or relaxing. The track “popstar love” may be the most beautiful French export since the Statue of Liberty. Bite-sized track lengths make this an easy listen.

Say “oui” to this album.


(Kearney is a 26 year old Copywriter based in Buffalo, NY. He was in an a cappella at Syracuse and is currently into making puns and profits on crypto currency. How does he know the fam? He used to work with Kate…up until like a week ago)


In Love with A Ghost, specifically, Gay Story is very tranquil and soothing. It serves well as background music for just about anything that you’re doing. This music would be very effective in a fine dining restaurant or in a cafe overlooking scenic ocean views.

The songs flow seamlessly with one track complimenting another. You get the feeling that it all works together as a single composition.

This is a keeper. I would definitely listen to it again. That being said, it’s hard to rate this one above a five. It doesn’t inspire or move me, but that should not be an indication of the quality!

1/8 haha oh just kidding 4/7

“Rainy static”, the third track, reminded me of a clock. The instruments all came in at exactly the right times, like the whistle, aah yes, every addition was exactly what I needed.


Uplifting and ambient. The background static blocks out the rest of the world and keeps you fully engaged, in a world of your own. Perfect for concentration, I want to write a book.

I felt like I was listening to someone’s emotions, yet I was only listening to sounds.

“Rainy static”, the third track, reminded me of a clock. The instruments all came in at exactly the right times, like the whistle, aah yes, every addition was exactly what I needed.

The fourth track reminded me of the sound effects from random Cartoon Network computer games; Ed, Edd, and Eddy, or the Kids Next Door game, also my Arthur gameboy game.

6/7 A wonderful alternate reality.




But honestly a pretty great album. I was more into the music backing up the vocals than anything else. Especially on the heavy opening tracks.

I enjoyed the hysteria and fear of losing the ability to continue to produce music that satisfies the expectations of his fans. It was a nice insight into a performer’s insecurity that we do not usually see especially in the rap genre



This album sounds like an adorable, rainy day, video game where you’re hopping on all the cotton candy rain clouds haha. Sometimes I dislike extra sound effects but I think these guys find the right balance here. I usually am a fan of songs with lyrics I can overanalyze like some kind of try-hard  A.P. Lit teacher with a J.D. Salinger novel…but I didn’t miss the lyrics here. 

It’s a nice mellow thing to throw on to feel slightly sunny and slightly gloomy at the same time.



I think it sounds like the soundtrack of an indie movie about a man on a journey to fall in love with a sponge cake who doesn’t love him back.

To put it in French, c’est pas mal.



This album feels like it’d be right at home on one of those “lofi chill hip hop beats to relax/study to”  youtube livestreams (they’re a thing and there’s a lot of them for some reason). A short but sweet album with a pleasant mood. The unique combo of tech sounds, ambient noise, and acoustic instruments makes for a fresh experience. I can’t even really pinpoint what some of the  instruments were, like in “Something Easy” specifically. Also, the rainfall and static were odd choices but a nice touch.

A lot of the tracks had me thinking about Animal Crossing, since it’s got that whole slice-of-life naturalistic theme to it but still has video game-esque music.

It was a chill listen. I like synth music but I haven’t gone out of my way to listen to it much recently so this was a nice surprise.


Sean Maldjian