Jesca Hoop | Memories Are Now


Family Average: 3.9/7

We somehow managed to get all seven family members to listen to an entire album! And it’s a … folk album? Okay, not exactly most of the family’s wheelhouse, but we got them all writing so that’s what matters most. Here is the family’s take on Jesca Hoop’s fourth studio album, “Memories are Now”.

Listen along on Spotify and check out what we had to say:


I liked it. I liked the sound she created.  I can’t pinpoint what exactly I liked about the sound, but it was reminiscent at times of artists past and present.

“Simon Says” was one that I remember enjoying especially.



I was happy to find awesome vocal harmonies and melodies in a genre that I usually do not explore. The tracks seem to elude to a feeling of adventure which I may not really be into but God does it feel so good.


Simon says your stage name sucks


This album has a great folk-y vibe to it, reminiscent of a foggy mountainous forest in the morning or something. Vocals really stand out with super smooth melodies. But I did think the lyrics in some of the songs were kind of contrived.

It was interesting cause while each song kept the folk atmosphere they seemed to take influence from different sources and incorporate different instruments.

A calm and almost haunting (but in a good way) collection of songs for a chill listen.



Nice music to bop along to Jesca has one of those  folky voices that takes you back to walking alone in the woods in the fall  while the sun is setting and coming through bare trees.



I must admit I had high hopes for this one after reading everyone else’s reviews, but I was not moved.

“Simon Says” came on strong almost like “Gold on the Ceiling” then the vocals kicked in and it sounded like elevator music. This entire album could serve as hold music for a Dentist office. One bright spot was “Pegasi” it had a nice guitar hook and some pedal steel guitar, I liked it.


"This entire album could serve as hold music for a Dentist office."


OH HELL YEA! Good lyrics. Good folk sounds. 

“Animal Kingdom Chaotic” stands out for its old folky sounds/hypnotic lyrics.



The best track for me was “Animal Collective”…at least I think that’s what it was called. But Jesca should seriously consider never being in her own videos. She comes off like an 80’s folk singer. You know, like they thought they had to “Act out” their songs. She does have a beautiful voice and the production is quite good. Not a fan of Folk music and this just screams Folk to me. Thanks again.


Sean Maldjian