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To keep this album-reviewing train going we have thrown in some Jeff Rosenstock. It was release on New Years Day in 2018…so it doesn’t get any fresher than this. For a little extra context (courtesy of Wikipedia), this is punk artist Rosenstock’s third solo album and was written mostly post-presidential election. FUN FACT: Proceeds from the album are making their way over to Defend Puerto Rico to aid in disaster relief.

Okay let’s get into this:

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Okay kids with Post we have hard core Punk married to the girl bands of the early 60’s: think Shangri Las, Ronettes, The Paris Sisters.

Then we take a left turn and revisit Marshall Crenshaw meets Weezer with a splash of Crowded House.

While I think Post- is riddled with identity crisis I really like most of the tracks.



Gotta love some classic Long Island self deprecating indie punk.  There will always be room in my music taste for a sound like this even if I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s nice for when you wanna brood about your inadequacies or maybe it’s just fun.

Liked how he kept with that classic style while still progressing. I feel it continued to improve as the album went on. Liked the hints of ska creeping onto the tracks as well.

Bonus: Enjoyed the dreamyness at the end of the second track, “USA,” and then again at the end of “Let Them Win.”

4.5/ 7

"The vocals are what you’d expect in punk; coarse, defiant, and just basically shouting at times."


Hey, hey its a new year! I was pleasantly surprised to see this new release as I went to go listen to his previous album, Worry, for the 11th time this month. Gotta say, I was pretty happy throughout the entirety of this album. It does well to almost pick up exactly where Worry left off and evolve some of the things that I liked in the previous album (to give one example, the piano bits are shimmering through the majority of the album). Other than that, its the same good old self-deprecating and sometimes funny lyrics that always keep me coming back for more. Heck yeah Jeff way to keep it real.



Nice, a Punk Album! It’s a little all over the place, but that’s the joy of a Punk Album. Overall did not disappoint. Could hear the influences from some of the 80’s punk bands, fast paced guitar, lots of energy and of course complaining, haha. 

6/7 Thanks for including this one.

"It’s a little all over the place, but that’s the joy of a Punk album."


All you need to do is look at the time stamps of the songs here to realize that Jeff Rosenstock does not give a FUCK what you think. Despite the opening song being almost 8 minutes and the finale closing out with an 11 minute punk-ska-something ballad the album has a great flow. The whole thing feels like a party where you’re putting candles in PBR’s and smoking out of apples…

The sound is sort of like if the Romanes and Reel Big Fish had a present-day, angsty pop baby. I bet it’s killer to see live and mosh around.

I like this kind of music. Realize its not for everyone but he does the genre right. What the genre is I still have no idea.



I’ve always been a sucker for messy punk albums like this one. It can be a bit cliché at times, but with punk bands you’re to expect a certain level of angst and dissatisfaction with society/self. It’s just part of the charm.

There’s a raw, energetic and edgy feel to the songs. Some are slower paced to prevent the mood from going stale but still retain that loudness and raw sincerity. The vocals are what you’d expect in punk; coarse, defiant, and just basically shouting at times. It does get slightly more refined in certain parts, but never loses that brazen panache.

In regards to the genre it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but what it does incorporate it utilizes well.


Sean Maldjian