Natalia Lafourcade | Musas Vol. 2


Family Average: 4.8/7

When you’re doomed with a winter that always seems to come back like some underdog boxer in a feature film, it can help to listen to albums that make you feel warm on the inside. Last year Natalia Lafourcade, a native Mexican known for her dreamy pop music, turned back to her roots with Musas Vol. 1. It was an “all-acoustic collaboration with the senior folk duo Los Macorinos that went on to earn two Latin Grammys and even more Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations.” (source NPR).

Apparently, there were so much extra material that there was enough to release a VOLUME 2! So here is the family’s take on that:

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I like this one, even though the riff on “La llorona” was lifted from Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”. Hey I get it, it’s all been done before, there are only so many notes and chord progressions.

Overall a great work complete with the flamenco guitar, very peaceful it sets a tranquil mood. This makes me wish that i could speak Spanish.


"I don’t know much Spanish so some of the meaning is no doubt lost to me, but the music definitely got the point across."


There is really nothing bad that you an say about her. Just a classic sound. That voice is haunting and resonates with you.

This album is calming, makes me daydream about wandering around beautiful places.

That elegant  guitar of Los Macorinos is there for an absolute reason, completely as it should be. Perfect.





But honestly a pretty great album. I was more into the music backing up the vocals than anything else. Especially on the heavy opening tracks.

I enjoyed the hysteria and fear of losing the ability to continue to produce music that satisfies the expectations of his fans. It was a nice insight into a performer’s insecurity that we do not usually see especially in the rap genre



"Definitely a soothing album. Maybe they should play this for people driving on the Belt Parkway!"


Loved her mysterious voice and beautiful classical guitar playing.  Definitely a soothing album. Maybe they should play this for people driving on the Belt Parkway! It couldn’t hurt. Not something i would have gone looking for but glad to have found it. Will be adding some of these tracks to my Yoga playlists.

I am sure my students will be pleasantly surprised!



Okay so this is round two of Lafourcade teaming up with two 80 year old guitarist dudes who played on some of her childhood albums? Well UPDATE: IT STILL WORKS FOR ME.

Musas Vol. 2 dives deeper into some classic latin-american tunes. Her voice effortlessly floats between then and now, adding a contemporary twist to the old classics. In her slower songs you hang on her every word. I would argue you wouldn’t even need to necessarily love the other classics to get into this. Cause well until now I’d never really heard any haha.



Natalia does it again with part 2, and it’s just as good if not even better than ever. Really a testament to how less can be so much more, how even just two guitars and a voice can paint such a vivid picture. And when there are more accompaniments, every instrument blends harmoniously together to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a place I’ve never even been.

It’s amazing how the Spanish guitar can depict such a wide variety of moods. From relaxed to bittersweet to even slightly vindictive, but always in such a calm way.

I don’t know much Spanish so some of the meaning is no doubt lost to me, but the music definitely got the point across.


Sean Maldjian