Spacebones | Sweet Blood


Family Average: 5.8/7

Hello there readers! This Review comes to us from lovely Chicago, Illinois. A band that seems to have won over the entire family! Spacebones has a new album out and about called Sweetblood. 

If you’d like to listen along to the album while you read it’s located here on their bandcamp. Now let’s get to it:


Man oh man what a rock and roll romp! I have a special place in my iTunes playlists for bands that improve my mood with upbeat kinda music, and I think four of their songs just got put up in there!

These fellas from Chickago can really throw down. Reminds me of another band by the name of "Fake Problems" whom I am super fond of. Also I would like to say they have one of the few songs with a slide whistle that I can get behind ("Optmistic" is the song, see for yourself). Glad this group reached out just in time for summer family activities that they will undoubtedly provide the score for!



Ladies and Gentlemen the Stone Pony is proud to present “Space Bones”! Finally a rocking garage band that makes you feel alive. I especially like the  tracks “Optimistic” and “Hardwired” for their hard-driving rock and roll. The vocals blend nicely and in perfect harmony.  The musicians play efficiently, their instruments complimenting their lyrics as opposed to overpowering them. It seems that everyone has a job to do and they do it well. This is the sign of a true working band. 

This group is original and you can tell that they enjoy making music. I was surprised to find that they are from Chicago; I would have placed them in L.A. with bands like “Save Ferris”, “Sublime” and the “Chilli Peppers”

I’d like to hear more of their stuff, I would especially like to experience them playing  live. 



The first song out of the gate was a house party! Lots of fun with a real "live music" feel. The album really continues to keep you engaged throughout. I love the indie-punk feel, yet it has a much more melodic quality to it. Overall a very refreshing submission.



“I like this. Oh I really like this!” - Me over and over again while going through this album. 

It’s such a grooving good time, I loved the female vocals throughout I feel like she brought all the songs up just an extra notch.

Fun beats with a vibe of a party that you just never want to end. And you don’t have to worry about that, the album seems to go on forever.



Okay now this is my kinda jam, right from the gate I was on board. It’s got that quirky, fun, messy vibe that I love to hear in music. From the wacky, satirical lyrics to the cacophony of instruments, you can tell they had fun producing this album and that genuine feeling permeates throughout each track.

Their tempo and style varies, like it calms down more further in the album, but it always keeps their unique flavor. Some make you wanna dance, and others make you wanna lie in the sand under the sun. One thing I really like with the vocals is that the singers own their voices. They don’t try to push themselves to match a sound or feel, they just sing as it comes naturally.

The less-than-a-minute song transitions were weird, but hey they worked with the way the album was set up. All in all these sound like the kinda punks I’d like to hang with. I’d def like to hear more from them.



This album is just a good time from the the get go. It’s got a nice mix of sounds and styles that work as a whole. “Peacekeepers” kept my head bobbing, “Future Redwood Trees” was melodic and soothing, “Love Kills” had a blues-y country feel with solid guitar licks, and “Same Blood” offered up the classic voice-recording trope of alt/indie garage bands.

The vitality of these tracks would make for a fantastic live show. Clearly these guys are here for a good time, making music for the fun of it, and want us to come along for the ride.


Sean Maldjian