Yung Mobi | Biafra

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Family Average: 4.3/7

Welcome back family! We've got a new album from New York's own Yung Mobi. Much to Dad's dismay, this is a "techno" album. Keeping that in mind, let's see what the rest of the family thought. 

Listen along on Spotify and check out what we had to say:


Oh  boy we got some low fi stuff going on here.  I hear  the Sounds of decaying computers in some high school basement sening low frequency messages to one another kinda like AIM but with a little more devastating lonliness. I feel very comfortable here. The synths on the title track “Biafra” warmed my soul, and I liked that on that track the drums were pushed back a little bit. On otheres they were knida getting in the way of the stuff I liked on the album. The other stand out track for me was Superflat holy sokes was this fun to sakateboard home from work to and Imagine I was in some kind of awesome chase scene from a 90s hacker movie :). I totally see some parrallels with some of the band Liar’s earlier entrys to this simailar kind of low fi electronic genre thing. Would love to see what’s comming next!



I liked this album, but feel like I've heard it before. I think he has a strong vision, I would just like to hear a more unique approach.  It’s also one of those cases where I’m trying to decode the music through the track titles — which seem kinda loaded and denote some introspection —  to get a better understanding of the work. And for me, I’d prefer for the music to just speak for itself. 

The tracks all bled together, and I can imagine falling into some sort of meditation while listening and checking out from the world. That being said, the song that stood out was Superflat — coming in near the end, it was an unexpected shift that gave me a sense of what Yung Mobi can do, and the direction he could go. 



The first 6 songs really don't do anything for me, I hated all of the percussion mostly because 90% of the kit is overused in this genre. If I hear another track with a slow ping pong effect over the synth to hide the fact that walking up a scale isn't a melody and that same fucking snare with <INSERT YOUR FAVORITE REVERB PLUGIN HERE> reverb I will never listen to music again.  That being said I liked the glide,legato, and pitch bend on the 808s in the opening track. I enjoyed the track superflat and all of the songs after it. Why the title track is Biafra is beyond me. I’m suprised the first 6 tracks came out of a label and not someone just releasing it on soundcloud for no one to ever listen to because there are 1000000000009000000000000 songs just like it.



Reminiscent of a soundtrack to an indie cyberpunk horror visual novel game. One that’s done with hi-res pixel art. It’s like if you mixed Toby Fox with the soundtrack of Klonoa 2, which is a description like maybe two people will get but I’m sorry that’s the best way for me to put it. The songs that worked for me had a winding, exploratory aspect to them. They built up their mood effectively and varied just enough to keep you entertained. Good combo of techy, retro, and instrumental sounds.
When songs didn’t work, it was because I found them too repetitive. I was doing other stuff while listening but even still found myself thinking “Okay when’s the next one come on?” “Secure the Bag” comes to mind in that respect. Maybe it was the artificial high hats. I don’t know why but they always grate at me, they feel too flat and thrown in.


Sean Maldjian