Mary Halvorson & John Dieterich | A Tangle of Stars


Family Average: 4/7

Look below and see what the family had to say…


This was a fun ride, the music definitely takes you places, at times the melodies sounded like they were minstrels from the old world, other times the music was from outer space. Cool Vibe all around.



I had a swell time getting all tangled up in this beautiful web. The entire album moved by my face like a sunny landscape on a long train ride. While still being abstract and thoughtful it is not completely unapproachable for newcomers to this genre of experimental music. This will challenge you a little bit which is always a good thing. When the track “Better Than The Most Amazing Game” popped up it cemented this as a good thing in my brain holes. I hope these two get together more often and keep the good times rolling.



Plucky instrumentals that make me feel like I’m at a medieval wedding. The sound brings you elsewhere. Imagination inducing.



This is like a conversation between guitars that I’m eavesdropping on and desperately trying to make sense of. There’s a whole bunch of bouncy strings going on — it even sounds like a lute gets in to the mix. However, the simplicity of pairing down the instruments doesn’t negate the complexity of the actual compositions. It’s rife with twists and turns and weird little plucks that kept my interest piqued throughout.  


Sean Maldjian