A$AP Rocky | Testing


Family Average: 5/7

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Even if you don't like rap, you gotta appreciate these beats, like kanye once said, THESE BEATS ARE DOPE; every song has some really interesting things to listen to even as instrumentals!  Production feels nice and I bet dad is going to have a f*cking field day on this one. 



When this album first dropped in May of 2018 I was super happy with it, listened all the way through and was about it. It started off a kick of great releases in 2018. This being A$AP’s first album after the death of mentor and producer ASAP Yams obviously the production style was going to be different, however, I thought it was done well. The songs are well produced, with good samples and features. 

A$AP forever remix is of course a standout. I blew me away on my first listen, it just bangs, wastes no time. The mesmerizing humming throughout the song morphs into that iconic Kid Cuddi humming. I remember my first listen, it had been long since we got anything from Cudi and I did not have any idea he would be on this album until I heard that humming and thought “nooo, could it be?” Yes, it is, and he delivers a polished classic Cudi verse. This was before we got Kids See Ghosts (Kanye West- Kid Cudi collab), a beautiful resurgence of Kid Cudi. 

Although I am a fan of all the tracks for their own reasons, I have to highlight “Purity” with Frank Ocean. This song is just beauty and with a Lauryn Hill sample, yes. 

The music videos that came from this album were also important. “Kids Turned Out Fine” has one of my favorite videos of all time. Rocky had an idea and message in this album, for sure. 



No No No, Not for me. For as long as I am alive I will not understand Rap. I do not appreciate it as music. I used to really  hate disco but now i really like disco, it reminds of fun summer days out by the pool listening to the boogie Nights Sound-Track. Maybe one day I will learn to enjoy Rap, yeah and maybe someday pigs will fly.  


because I am extremely bias, and maybe there is some merit to this genre


Classic r & b rap album. Excellent production and composition. Some of the tracks are out and out dreamy in the way they play out. Complementing all of this, spot on vocals.


Sean Maldjian