Family Average: 5/7

Whats cracking all you surf punks? Today the family had a look at the London power punk trio that is Abjects. Everybody knows that all good things come in threes. Does this trope apply to all aspects of life? Are bands with three people likely to rock harder than a two or four piece group? All of these answers and more can be found below.

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


I know we're meant to judge solely on the music, but I have to say I really dug the music video for this one. What can I say? I'm a sucker for stop motion and bright tinted hues. Abjects' sound falls somewhere between britpop, punk, and surf rock for me...a person who is too lazy to look up those genres to double check but hopefully is somewhat accurate. Not soon after hitting play found myself reaching for the "volume up" button on my Samsung. Perhaps this was some attempt to suck some of their energy up through my headphones and into my soul. The whole thing put a smile on my face, and I was particularly a fan of those little "oohs" they added in to break up the second half of the song (not just because the rest of the lyrics are not in English and it was the only thing I could sing along to). Everyone is having fun in this song, me included.



Simple Simple Simple Girl Punk Rock, but it was very effective. Maybe it was the Jackie Kennedy jackets mixed with the hard driving three chord rock and roll, but somehow it works. I really enjoyed this track.  If Joey Ramon had a sister this is what she would be like. They appear to be having fun in this video and I think if I had just heard the track without the Vid. I would not have liked it as much, therefore this is a band meant to be seen live.  Abjects Rocks Objectively.



These ladies just took that whole ‘60s mod girl group aesthetic and style and smashed it to bits. They’re making noise, and dang, it’s good. It’s an absolute force. They’re smashing the drums, shredding the guitar, and generally just bashing about. The energy is palpable, the vocals feel kinetic (if that’s even possible), and they make me want to throw caution to the wind and thrash around with them in mini skirts and cat-eye eyeliner. It’s definitely got some punk-influence coursing through its veins, as well as that whole ‘60s psychedelic mess. It’s like the Animals mixed with The Like, if that even makes sense. All in all, a very good time, and I kinda want to be their fourth band member.



Woah nelly! Did you catch the license plate of the song that just flew by my face? These ladies are killing it. It brings to mind bands like the Raincoats, and early FIDLAR. Their energy is raw as all heck. They really pulled it off, cramming enough breakdowns and fun diversions to make this three minute song feel like it went by in thirty seconds. I am not even joking, I have heard it three times now and I am not even nearly through my second run-on sentence. I am still floored that they put this song out in 2016, and I am even more surprised that I had not heard of them until today. They bring such a refreshing take to that whole surf punk revival that was going on the last couple of years. Slight segway -- do any of you remember the scene from Kill Bill  when there was that spectacular punk band at the hotel? That band was the's and I have not had as much fun watching a band play until I saw this music video. Killer time, killer vibes. Keep it up everybody.



They really remind me of FIDLAR, in the musical sense. That out of control yet still melodic guitar, and the hectic but rhythmic drums. A little bit of a Misfits sense as well but more modern, more FIDLAR for sure.

The vocals are obviously where they differ and their powerful personalities shine through.

This is cool, good sound, unapologetic, you go mujeres.



Daddy likes that distorted bass! This song starts out super headstrong… in a good way. One can feel the energy for sure. For just three instruments this band really can fill a track out nicely. The drums get a large BOOMING space to play around with and it’s executed ferociously. Part of me felt that maybe the vocals sound played out, but I am being snooty.



I have a soft spot for messy rock, so this Adicts-style garage rock band fits right in there. They’ve got that electrifying head-bopping energy. Gotta admit, I have no idea what language they’re speaking, but I hope the vocals sound just as good in their native language as they do to someone who can only appreciate their lyrical tone.



Blondie, The Go-Gos at their best. So much energy, punk and drive. I loved it! I am pretty sure they were not even speaking English, but it didn't matter they were getting their point across! I loved them and I hope they play here soon.


Sean Maldjian