Above The Skyline | Fall Right Into Place


Family Average: 4/7

Ever wish you started a band with all of your super talented musical friends…if only so you could break into song and perfectly choreographed dance moves at any given moment? Well have no fear because Above The Skyline did, did it better than you, and gets the family feeling all kinda ways. Sean slips down memory lane, Meghan gets angsty, and Dad dreams of Meatloaf. 

Listen along on Spotify and read on to find out what the rest of the crew thought:


From the impassioned vocals, driving guitar riffs, and pounding drums, Above the Skyline’s newest album feels self-assured and commanding. Right of the bat, these guys felt confident. Full disclosure, their heady alt/pop vibe isn’t really my thing, but I appreciate any band that knows who they are and where they are going. Nothing about them is quiet -- even the minute-long instrumental interlude entitled “Kairi’s Melody” features some pretty strong keyboards and thundering guitar. I was struck by the balance between the male and female singers. These unified vocals added to the vigor of the album, playing on call-and-response but never overshadowing the other. They’re a a skilled and passionate crew hell-bent on making some unapologetic and foot-stomping music. Even if you’re not into it, it’s guaranteed to get your head bobbing at the very least.



This is a hard one to review. The band was technically very good. The songs were composed and executed very well. The vocalists worked nicely with each other and the music. That being said, I was left feeling disappointed and empty after listening to this album.  This was like a contrived soundtrack from a Nickleodeon or Disney show. It's nice to know how to perform music but if there is no emotion or passion the effort tends to fall flat. I am sure this may have pop appeal much like a band or group that are put together just for a movie or TV show. I would encourage you to find some emotional connection to music and go with that next time.



I don’t care what you say, just scream it really loud, hold on to vowels that sound like “ohhh” or “uhhh,” keep a steady stream of Monster Energy Drink (™), and you’ve got the makings for one heck of a hullabaloo. Hold up -- I’m forgetting the most important piece of the puzzle: This album. Sorry for the roundabout description but now I am going to segue into talking about what I have just heard. Above the Skyline reminds me that even though I have stopped listening to it, emo-pop is still being made. Like Ellio’s pizza and new episodes of Spongebob, I have memories of them as a child, and I remember them fondly. So let me be clear, I am not bashing their choice in musical genre, I am just reveling in my nostalgia. I am going to stick around at this party, and hope I don’t run into anyone I know or their mom. Thanks again.



Oh boy! Here’s a real head bobbing group of songs. I kept picturing these all performed on a stage on broadway. Seriously, you could lift this and put it right into a rock ballad and be good to go! It was reminiscent of Rock of Ages, Rocky Horror, even rent. There were some moments where I was reminded of Panic at the Disco too. The girl’s voice was probably my favorite, but I also enjoyed when their harmonies met up. The music wasn’t anything new, but the energy was high throughout. I’d love to see them live or I mean I’d be glad to write a play to movie to play again of this.



This is some nice stuff. For me personally it’s got that nostalgic high school feel of MCR, Paramore and Fall Out Boy, of tumultuous teenage years when your emotions are amplified and you feel so many at once. The kind of music that’d be used in those motion graphics multi-editor projects on Youtube. From the yelling vocals, surprise strings and the wailing guitar, there’s a high energy that permeates through the album. Everything works together to drive home that punk, almost emo vibe. Sometimes it gets a bit cliche but hey, cliches become cliches cause they work. As long as you add a bit of your own personality to it they can work in your favor. That’s what this band seems to have done. It sounds pretty genuine though, not like they’re just capitalizing on the genre.
One kinda funny thing was I wrote down while listening was “spider-walk sound” of the guitar in “Fears,” and the song ended up being about phobias. I’m a sucker for violins so “She Waits” was also a strong one for me. For “Kairi’s Melody” I’m genuinely curious if it’s about the same Kairi I’m thinking of or the name’s just a coincidence. If unapologetic, unabashedly emotional songs were your jam back in the day and they still hold a special place in your heart, definitely give this album a try. If that wasn’t your scene, it might not resonate as strongly but maybe give a song or two a shot.



Wow this sounds like it was taken out of Rock of the Ages. It’s all very technically on point; all the instruments play their part well, to the point where it’s almost too clean. I feel like their sound is very safe and kind of predictable. It’s right melodically and harmonically, but it just sounds a little too cliche. That being said, I think it’s a great starting off point, from which to grow. They need to find their own unique sound, and because the talent is already there it will be easier. Now’s the time to get out of their comfort zone, and come out with something super original.



Oh there’s no denying that they have talent and that they are very accomplished musicians, but overall their sound was lacking. Some tracks had enjoyable moments, but I just kept thinking “with all this talent the final product should be better”. Their sound reminded me of a rock opera; very theatrical, kind of like Meatloaf or the Rocky Horror Picture Show...which has Meatloaf in it. I could picture them on an episode of Glee, and I’ve never even seen the show. I just feel like it’s somewhere they belong. Not even School of Rock because School of Rock is edgier, and that’s saying something. My only advice would be to put some feeling into the next album. Dare to be a little different, and take some risks. Better luck next time. Unfortunately, these kids get a



When I saw the album cover I was like pop punk? Well, yes pop punk was what I got. The girl has a nice voice and they are good musicians but I was not feeling it. There were some moments like the beat in the beginning of “Fears” that made my brain smile, but then that guy would start singing and I just couldn’t take it. Feels like Pacsun pop punk, they're talented, I just dont wanna listen. I felt some hints of Paramore, Cobra Starship and my old pals All Time Low . I think it just comes down to the notion that I’m just so tired of this music to get into it. Also it seems they’ve missed their time. The mid-2000s was when this music flourished but now it’s just not there for me. I guess I need a high school to hate and a town to want to get out of to have this music make me feel something.


Sean Maldjian