Olsen Twinz | Are you ok? feat. Daniwann

Are you ok? feat. Daniwann by Olsen Twinz

Family Average: 4/7

Well well here we are folks. Another spectacular band, with a fantastic pop culture refrence in their name. Naturally this will lead to the majority of this intro being about the fantastic carreer of the Olsen Twins. Nah We can do that another day. I will however put their finest achievement below this intro. Olsen Twinz is a hard rocking indie band hailing from the land of Barcelona, Spain. The group is a two piece outfit featuring the likes of Jano Sáez and Boli Alfaro. On their single “Are you ok?” we all take a quick check on our mental state.

Look below and see what the family had to say.


Boy howdy I am sure glad those Olsen Twinz bounced back into the limelight after that whole Full House show. Where would we all be today without all their wacky antics. I certainly would not own nearly as many pairs of overalls as I do now. I shudder at the very thought.

Okay enough horsing around let's talk music people. The Olsen Twinz crank up the fuzz to blender levels. Protect your fingers and toes this thing is stuck on puree! Remember that scene from Goonies? I sure do. I like how absolutely off the rails this song goes. It does well to completely contradict the message of “I Feel Okay”. Here is a fun theory I just had. Perhaps the intention is to mirror all the times people say they are fine when really stuff is not going well.

Take a look at that this song has got levels! Like a double decker monster truck. It also has some shimmering guitar up front, contrasted by the wicked noisy blender guitar I mentioned earlier in the review. Vocal style is laid back and does well to cut through the noise shuffling the song along. All and all this a well put together single by a band that I would like to hear some more things from.



 Olsen Twinz’s “Are you OK?” has a lot of what you need to make a good track, however I think it could have been a great track.  The vocals and melody were very soothing. The tune is actually quite catchy and I found myself singing it in my head for the rest of the day.  I didn’t like the distortion that would come in, I think during the chorus. I found it distracting and it really took away from what I thought were good vocals.  There was actually at times a disconnect between the music and the vocals. It also sounded at times, like a group of friends just jamming in the basement. Everyone is doing their own thing without much thought as to what the final product will sound like.  I prefer music that has the live/jam sound yet comes off as a cohesive unit. All in all it was a decent track 



I had to listen to this track three times before i could appreciate it, you may ask why i kept coming back to it, I actually asked myself that question. The answer is simple, I heard something that interested me. At first listen I was not a fan, I really liked the open but I was initially disappointed with the entire composition. I gave it a second go and then a third, on the third try I liked what I was hearing, this is a loose composition, an impromptu  jam session, and we are allowed to give it a listen, with the artists freely creating music collaborating with each other basically unrehearsed, this approach is my favorite method of recording, it’s like, let's just run the tape and let's see what we get out of it. There were a lot of elements that I liked, the free wheeling guitar work and the laid-back vocals, however i was distracted by the muddy recording and at times the distortion of the entire composition. I would like to hear a cleaned up version, but then again that could detract from the whole vibe of this track.  Way to go Mary Kate and Ashley, I like your stuff and I would like to hear more from the Olsen Twins, maybe “give me” pizza slowed down, with some distortion.



Olsen Twinz “Are you  ok?” is Lo-Lo-fi, but I like it, I decided right from the beginning. A vibe from the start with the jangly old timey surf guitar, the simple drums and the lazy, hazy vocals. My energy level for sure hehe. The vocals are a little too low and the production is a bit fuzzy but I like it, I like it all. I even kind of liked when the guitar picks up and gets all rough and loud at about 1:10, it really starts to drown out the vocals though. I like the imperfections (always, always), but it definitely was a relief in the head when the guitar calms back down into that beachyness again.


Sean Maldjian