Art and Music | Whats The Point


Family Average: 3.5/7

Are you ready for some Art and Music? Well that just may be what you get today, because that's the name of this next band we reviewed. A collaborative effort between mixed media visual artist J. Thorson and recording artist Kasey Jones, Whats the Point is a breakout album with some heavy Los Angeles influences. Was the family a fan of the name choice, of the music choices, of the art choices?

Listen along on Spotify and read on to find out:


My biggest complaint about these guys is their name. “Art and Music”, while simple and nice, seems a little silly in the modern age of googling. You can’t find them anywhere haha.

That being said, I ignored the missing apostrophe and very much enjoyed Whats the Point. It felt very late 90s, early 2000's to me, despite being released this year. There were moments I thought of Weezer, of The Killers, or LCD Soundsytsem. While I really dug the upbeat tunes, “Bought and Sold” was one of my favorites and it may be the saddest sounding one on the album. Strings coming in and jumping back like rain drops, slightly altered vocals, and a pop piano. But oh man oh man. “To me you were already dead” what a sad lyric. It built up nicely so that by the time “Oh My Oh My” came in I was ready to jam.  Almost every song supplied something slightly different; a different emotion or a different thought or image.

Taking a second listen (which is always a good idea I guess) I'd have to say the first track “Carry Anne” was probably my favorite. Cool stuff, definitely up my head-bobbing alley.



Much like Kate, the twee band name Art and Music, put me off -- but don’t judge a book by it’s cover! I was pleasantly surprised by this album. There were moments when they reminded me of The Arctic Monkeys, and sometimes even The Kooks -- but as if The Kooks were suspended in molasses. A steady, downtempo showing and revival of that early 2000’s sound, that wouldn’t have been out of place on a mix CD I burned back in high school. These guys have a solid understanding of how to craft a catchy tune, with hooks that kept my head bobbing, lyrics that strike a chord (haha), and a balanced sing-songy-ness that didn’t do my head in. I really enjoyed “Million Miles Away”, as there was a back and forth between slow and fast -- the tempered, twinkling composition fed into a punchier, guitar propelled chorus, and the floating melodies were juxtaposed by brutal lyrics like “corrosive vomit in the sink.”
I like ‘em.



Like a few people here, not a big fan of the name of the band. I like the music though. There was some nice melodies and some cool chord progressions. The first song sounded like the French band Indochine, and the singers voice sounded like the Phoenix singer. Maybe there is a weird French connection there. I liked the use of the synth pads; they were not too overwhelming but still brought some nice atmosphere. However, I felt like the album as a whole lacked variety. After a while, the songs merged together, almost unrecognizable apart from the first song. I also felt like the rhythm section was a little weak. The drums could have been a little more diverse; that would have helped.  It was good. Not incredible, but very good!



I wasn’t sure what I was gonna get when the album first started, had a bit of an eerie quality to it? But once the lyrics and the rest of the instruments kicked in I picked up on that indie rock sound.

I got distracted at one point though cause I was racking my brain trying to think of what band it reminded me of. It was like bands my sister would play in the car on the way to and from the beach. Maybe like Foster the People? It’s weird cause it def has a familiar vibe but still has its own personality. There was a hint of synth worked into the traditional instruments, varying in visibility but never overpowering. Sometimes gave it a dreamy vibe. While the guitar and drums were prevalent throughout the album, the tempo, mood and accompaniment changes gave a healthy amount of variety and helped distinguish each song from the others. The singer(s?) weren’t anything remarkable, kind of flat actually. I wish they hadn’t tried to autotune the voices. In some songs it’s tolerable, but in others it’s kinda grating. It’s music that’s just taking its first steps out of a safe comfort zone, got a bit of edge but still very tame. Good progress, but it needs to push a bit more.



I know I’m a fossil, but I’m not really a fan of these one-man bands. Although the quality of music is good, it just lacks the collaborative energy that comes with other members. In the end I can appreciate what he’s trying to do, but it doesn’t translate as well. I kept hearing a Sgt. Pepper quality, even Oasis at times. Perhaps it was the vocals or the trippy arrangements.

In the end, every track sounded the same to me. I was not a fan, not music I could get passionate about. I’m sure it appeals to an audience, but that audience isn’t me. My advice to Kasey Jones: Go find some friends, preferably those with musical talents.



Hi there, Kevin here. Uhhh, I really don't have much to say. I think because this album has left me with nothing to say. It has left absolutely no impact on me. To me, it is the equivalent of hotel art. While it resembles something artistic it only serves to fill dead air. Honestly, it sounds like a perverted version of Smash Mouth; not in like a sexual way just in a “this is really weird” kind of way. There is nothing that keeps you engaged throughout the songs.

At the end of it though this one guy should be proud that he made all of this, honestly I would just put this in your portfolio, and get a job helping someone make music that knows what they are doing.



Oh what sweet irony, the album by Art and Music and anything but Art and Music. The musical melodies help to hide but not completely disguise lyrics that leave a lot to be desired to say the least. There are moments when you listen to the album where you go, “ok this sounds alright let's see where this goes” but as the lyrics go on you soon reach to turn the dial and skip to the next song. The titles of the songs in this album help the listening depict their feelings as they listen. “Oh my oh my” this is bad, I want this music to be “million miles away”, “what are you”? And why did I have to listen to this? When I finished the album, I was left wondering, what was the point? If this group can do anything, they have innate ability to pick titles that appropriately articulate the listener’s feelings and for that, I applaud them. In conclusion, I will not be listening to the album again.

Favorite part: I overall liked the drums and guitar throughout but it sounded the same in every song

Least favorite part: high pitch “here we go” in the beginning of “Hungry Ghost”



Some of the tracks I connected with more than others. I feel this bands style is all over the place. This can be a good thing because they provide something for everyone! That being said, i enjoyed some songs more than others.

Only advice would be to pick your strength and expand and develop that. There is a lot of talent here, focus your creative energy toward what you are most passionate about and you will do well.


Sean Maldjian