Danielle Durack | Bashful

Bashful by Danielle Durack

Family Average: 5/7

Hey everybody Danielle Durack is back! On her last appearance the singer songwriter was answering some of our absurd questions. If you missed that read the entire interview here. Today the family had a listen to their latest album “Bashful”. There is a lot of feelings down there in the reviews section so be warned. Feelings are a bit like radiation. They cause people to grow extra eyes and feet. Does that simile make sense? Most likely not. At any rate look below and see what the family had to say.


Danielle Durack created an emotional, humble piece of music, like laying under sheets in the sun on a slow morning.

Her voice is so stripped down but there's so much to the production. Usually artists like this go completely stripped down but this is different, and it works. There’s a lot of instruments going on with the guitar, drums, piano and a little bit of electronics, but yet it's all still subtle.

I like the internal struggles she expresses with lyrics like “I just don’t know how to make something good of this.” A simple thought, but real, when you know you shouldn't be sad about something but at the same time you can’t quite stop.

The layered voices and echoes are nice, the sound in general is pleasant.

Just enough variety to keep you with her.

I liked living in this world this album is.



Darn fine entry to the washing machine rumbling, tumbling, singer-songwriter with a slight electronic influence. Daniel Durack’ Bashful is a feelings factory. Danielle Durack captures the swelling emotions I am overcome with watching rainbows flicker around in a puddle of gasoline. If that sounds like a very personal and specific emotion that was the intention. The majority of the lyrics through the album were hitting home for me. Notably, all the words put in “Something Good”. Hot damn they were like gut punches one after another.  The only major difference being in my nightmares all my hair falls out and not my teeth.

Loved the amount of reverb used in this album. Attached to the vocals it helps them trail on creating some lovely tones. Also when they are cranked up on the bass drum you get these thundering atmospheric booms. It is safe to say that I enjoyed this album a good bit. Keep strumming on Danielle.



Danielle Durack writes lyrics that pierce and sings songs that charm. Frankly, the world is teeming with acoustic singer-songwriters at this point, so it's pretty difficult for any new artist to carve a place for themselves within the genre. However, Danielle Durack slashes right through with this extremely sweet, melodic, and accessible album. With a voice that is both delicate and disarming, she's created an album that conveys universal emotions and shared experiences. The songs are honest and relatable; the lyrics are straightforward and truthful, making her narratives cut that much more deep. With the added texture of reverb, her twinkling compositions hook you into an emotional ebb and flow.

Overall, it's a beautiful listen. The songs sway and shift and blend seamlessly. Some may gripe that at the surface it's all a bit too sweet, but if you actually listen to the lyrics it pulls some serious punches.



Somewhere over the melancholy rainbow, lives a sound as sad and sweet as Danielle Durack. Every song on her latest album Bashful, is packed with hints of Arizona sunshine and the sting of sand storms. The sound is twinkly and catchy, and could be thrown on at your next backyard party. 

Once further examined it's clear they are carefully constructed, and the lyrics cut so good (sorry, lil emo there but you get it). Heartbroken, yet empowered. She's been wronged and not sure if its her fault or someone else's. She's introspective, not young not yet old. She's trying to keep it together, but also saying "hey fuck off". I love it all. Specifically the lyrics to "Last Summer" and "Too Sweet".

Awesome stuff, Danielle, keep it coming girl.


Sean Maldjian