Black Marble | One Eye Open (Single)


Family Average: 4/7

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Synth pop, why mess with perfection; it just works -- and in this case it works very well! This sounds like a song my girlfriend would really really really like; I can see her now doing a shimmy … so shimmy on, party people!



My guard was up initially when the track began but these babies won me over. I have been suffering an overload in this particular aesthetic. Between the “Lo-Fi” VHS effect, and the heavy emphasis on retro synth music cropping up everywhere I was worried this would just be another drop in the bucket. Thankfully a lot of love went into this release. At times like these it is obvious that the creators have a lot of knowledge of the music they are drawing on for inspiration. In that sense they are able to do the genre justice and produce a sound that manages to surpass what has been done before.

The sound is mellow, grainy, and kind of makes me want to have soup. Too hot out for soup being summer at all, but that's how I feel, and I can not control it.



This was a very cool trip, I like the combination of the video and the music. This track makes for good driving music, listening to this tune as the world goes by. It has the feeling of a Sunday afternoon.


Sean Maldjian