R.L. Kelly | Blink 183

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Family Average: 5/7

These words may look familiar to you. Do not be alarmed it can be due to several different reasons. One could be that you were someone who was into pop punk sensation Blink 182, and R&B Legend R. Kelly. The other reason could be that you have a devout interest in the darker strain of bedroom pop once dubbed “Bummer Pop”. A genre populated by fantastic bands such as Elvis Depressedly, Colma Cinema, (Sandy) Alex G, Kleenex Girl Wonder, Teen Suicide, and yes the always wonderful R.L. Kelly. both answers are correct, and you should feel good. Everyone should feel good. Take a look below to see what everybody had to say.


A few seconds in and I am transported back to the small space off the Myrtle Broadway stop called Silent Barn...RI mother fucking P to that gem of a spot. Interesting artists about and something raw and groovy like this would surely have made the set list. I’m curious what all the references to popular artists is trying to say.  

I will say I am a much bigger fan of track one over two. I guess it’s cus I’m more of a lyrics gal. “C ya L8er” still provides enough interesting components to live on its own though. But ah, “Flower Pills” is just something special. I went back and re-listened to it a few more times. What a treat!



This is a charming little two track number. Starting with the Coma Cinema cover of “Flower Pills” the sounds just make my brain all happy and warm. The dreamyness of the music matched perfectly the dreamy dazey lyrics. I was all in a trance with that guitar and then we get the vocals; very unique, I wasn’t expecting that sound.

We close with the instrumental “C Ya L8r.” A completely different sound with those synthesizers. So simple and pleasant I could listen to this on a 10 hour loop and just be smiling and calm the whole 10 hours.

Simple goodness.



Being the big old fan-fare baby of both R.L. Kelly, and Colma Cinema this single was a real treat for me. If I can infect any of you with my adoration than this review will be a complete success.

Okay now that all that gushing is out of the way lets talk some music baby ladies. R.L. Kelly in another poignant pop culture reference has called this single Blink 183. On it they provide the perfect example of how to cover another artists song in the track “Flower Pills”, and dazzle my mind with synth goodies on the track “C Ya L8r” . I hope that the title of the last track doesn’t imply R.L. Kelly Sid hanging up the hat. That would really bum me out.

I had mentioned before that this was a real swell cover of a song. What makes a cover successful is its ability to have insight into the context of the original recording. Its through this that they are able to provide a unique perspective that feels fresh, and even a little cathartic. The vocals have a fun twang to them, and it feels alright. 

The single then leaves you to fade into synth oblivion as the second track plays out. The artist known to blend electronic influences into intimate bedroom pop goes full computer with this one. In the end there are only robots. That works fine for me.



This single seems like an intimate project with a certain DIY handling. It feels personal and authentic. While DIY sounds/aesthetics can get dicey sometimes, this is incredibly well done. It's tempered and paced with immense consideration, with lifting guitar lines that carry flatter, softer vocals, it lulls and engages you. There's a sweetness to it all and my head was bobbing from the get go. It's a really great piece of fuzz pop that combines airy strums, loops and vocals, with just the right amount of distortion to let your mind wander. While I think there's much more emotional gravity to the lyrics than the instrumentals yield, it's overall a bit weird, pretty light, and has a great deal of charm and appeal.  


Sean Maldjian