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Family Average: 5/7

Welcome back everybody. We have an all new super cool album that we had a listen to. It is a project involving Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus. On their own they are all incredible on their own. Do they come together to make something even better? Read below to see what we think.

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This album’s succinct, it’s got as many songs as it needs to that run the amount of time they need to be. Their clean, unprocessed sound shows that you don’t need exorbitant effects or excessive instruments to make something that sounds good. They’ve got the vocals, they’ve got a few instruments, and they make it all work together. This album has a subtle balance of loss, bitterness, and acceptance. The gist that I got from this album is that there was a person who was an important part of the singer’s life, who has now left them. The tracks convey their pain and slightly venomous attitude towards this person. The hollow, slightly echoy feel of the vocals plays up the ethereal mood of it. Kind of ghosty, which makes sense cause the singer is hung up on memories of the past. The singers have a clean sound to them, nothing stellar but they’re pleasant to listen to.

While not bringing anything new to the table, this album has a solid sound and a beautifully melancholy mood.



First thing I notice is the classic old school telecaster guitar on the cover. I must admit I am a bit of an addict when it comes to vintage guitars. So I had high hopes for this group. I always like the singer song-writer formula so this music did appeal to me. the singer had a pleasant voice and I like the harmonies. All of the tracks were mellow and relaxing, but the lyrics were a bit sad. Souvenir was my favorite song in the mix, followed by Ketchum it had a vintage folk appeal to it. Overall it is interesting that I found the tracks I liked a really like, but the ones I disliked, well I found nothing there for me. So this album had peaks and valleys. I think they were smart to limit it to six songs, I am interested to see what they will do next. Sometime less is more. 



Well hey there I recognized quite a few of the ladies making up this fresh little diddy. An EP a small offering. I like talking about music like it is food at a fancy restaurant. If this song was food it would be a deconstructed salad with all the ingredients placed out deliberately on a large tablecloth, little chalk outlines labeling each one, and it would be served outside on a picnic table. Talk about a once and a lifetime dining experience, and that's about as far as I can take this metaphor. No but in all honesty I did enjoy this album towards the ending, I say that because the first few songs did not exactly capture my imagination, but the later half of the EP including “Salt In The Wound”, and “Ketchum, ID” got me feeling that special kind of way. I got passion for throbbing swelling guitar noises, and also those long meandering vocals. Curious to see where they take this. Of course my vote would be to make it darker…



I love Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridges’s respectively, and this debut EP is a stunning addition to each of their individual catalogues. It’s rare when three distinct musicians mesh together so perfectly while preserving their own voice and style. No one’s individual talent was sacrificed in the making of this vulnerable yet mature album. There’s subtlety and nuance woven throughout; layered with enchanting vocals, heady and atmospheric instrumentation, and poignant lyrics. Don’t even get me started on the harmonies -- they will cut you to the core. My favorite track was “Salt in The Wound,” which was completely heartbreaking in the best way. I also really appreciated how each artist took the lead in different songs -- no one was privileged over the other, and they all worked to bolster each other’s talents.. But it all ended too soon. I want more. I am stoked about the potential of boygenius as they’ve established an absolute supergroup, and can’t wait to see what else they do. Cheers to cool ladies doing cool things. You make my heart happy.



When I first connected with Julien Baker’s music I was in an unhappy stagnant fog. Going into this listen I was doubtful that I would be able to connect because I am no longer in such a state. Incorrect. Her music is special in that it awakens dormant emotions that may not even have existed on the surface in the listener prior. She just makes you feel. This album, her voice, her music, her presence, this state she’s created just made want to cry from the very deepest part of my being. Not to cry over specific things, just purely cry. Her music in all aspects is simple, raw, and real. “We had a great day/ even though we forgot to eat/ And you had a bad dream.” The emotional state she creates just builds steadily throughout and its so sad but soothing, you don’t ever want her to go. Then it ends so appropriately and beautifully with the simply, somberly pleasant almost Irish lullaby sounding Ketchum, ID.
I am grateful.


Sean Maldjian