Girl Germs | Boy's Club


Family Average: 6/7

Attention this area has been restricted. There is an alarming amount of Girl Germs permeating the air. Isn’t that just an awful word? Permeating. Something about it just seems wrong. It may be how close it sounds to Perspiring. At any rate Girl Germs are a scream in your face, torch your car, and hit your mailbox with a baseball bat Punk band from Melbourne. On their album Boys Club they got some things to say, and you should listen! We did and now we have reviews to give to you!


Yes, this EP is my cup of tea. It’s really fudging good. I loved (and still do) the riot grrrl movement partly because it was really awesome seeing more diversity in the punk genre, but mainly because it meant that there was gonna be more good punk music. This band is more of the same with this angry, and aggressive EP.

They really just come out and hit all of the right buttons for every single song. They reminded me of all of my favorite punk bands, especially Black Flag with songs like “Beer for Dinner,” “Bunny Boiler,” and “Boy’s Club.”

The songs start off intense and slower than their other songs and progress into super fast and aggressive songs. They really reminded me of Black Flag’s album “My War,” which is my favorite of theirs.

Two other songs, “Sharehouse” and “Sex Doll” just comes out of the gate with speed and aggressiveness and it is great.

Finally “Rut.” Their song that differs from the rest of the pack. The song’s use of vocals and singing really departs from the norm of the rest of their EP. But once the song begins its final leg it runs back into fast and aggressive. It’s a super cool departure from the punk.

Everything is pretty familiar and comforting to me as a huge fan of punk. I really like this EP and am looking forward to seeing what’s in store from them.



Hoo boy alright now this is some kickass music. It’s probably better that I didn’t listen to this while at work, because if an agent came up to me with a ridiculous question (as they normally do) I might have stuck my tongue out and flipped them the bird. When messy punk music is done wrong it can sound just like, well, a mess. But when it’s done right you get this album. The whole package is intentionally crude and unapologetically raw. No special effects or unique instrumental accompaniment, just getting down to brass tacks with a guitar, drum, and some killer vocals. Speaking of vocals, they’ve really cultivated a great style for theirs. They’re quirky, but in a way that’s engaging rather than annoying. Sometimes they go a bit off beat, but that’s just part of the aesthetic. The lyrics are very tongue-in-cheek, a bit predictable at times but otherwise enjoyable.

One thing punk albums often overlook is the need for variety. Not only within the album, but the individual songs themselves. While there is a little bit of sameness, Boys Club doesn’t fall into this as easily as others. Songs like “Sharehouse” and “Sex Doll” are just full of energy throughout, but others like “Beer for Dinner” start out slow and work up to it, keeping you engaged and maintaining a freshness to the track. One funny thing I noticed about that track is that it somehow is repetitive but also dynamic? I don’t know it just worked. “Rut” starts out a bit tame but still has that underlying chaos, like you can tell something’s stirring under the surface. Then as you think you’ve got it all figured out, it really takes off and launches into that familiar tumultuous mayhem.

A great album if you’re into punk, especially the riot girl kind. Something to listen to when you wanna channel that badass bitch energy and do some head-banging.



This is some nice don't-give-a-fuck girl music. Modern Punk to the core. A lot of funny energy and rage coming at ya every song at rapid speed. Good words and messages too, go ahead. I wasn’t quite ready at the beginning but as I settled on in it totally grew on me.

Love their unapologetic lyrics, especially on tracks like “Sex Doll” and “Boys Club” because for real “fuck your boy's club.” The simple “get fucked” at the end of “Sex Doll” was everything I needed too. I’m always for addressing those important issues and dismantling the patriarchy.

I have to say though my absolute favorite track was “Rut.” Yes, I know I just praised their energy, don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude, and empowerment while claiming the one song in which they don’t do that is my favorite, but hey this song was it for me. I would live in it if I could, actually, I already do. “The thoughts in my brain they keep me quiet/ someday I might go outside.” Yes. The words, the guitar, the tone, her voice and it all, I love, love it.

Great music, great lyrics, get energy, great being, it’s a yes from me.



“Angry girl music” Oh gosh I love it so much! More girls need to be angry. More of them need to stand up to the immeasurable amount of bullshit they have to put up with.

I first heard the phrase “Angry Girl Music” used in the movie Ten Things I Hate About You. Back then I was pretty young and had not heard too much punk stuff. Still, I was intrigued after seeing the fun everyone had during the concert scene in the movie. I did a little research, found some groups. Downloaded a fuck-ton of music off of limewire, effectively destroying my parent's computer in the process. I was then exposed to heaps of bands from the L.A. Punk scene. Stuff like X, Black Flag, and the Germs.

It is astounding how well this group channels that energy. At the same time, the project feels like a fresh take on it. The aggression is still potent, but it is looking at life through a modern lens. That sort of relevancy just makes the lyrics, and noises that more impactful.

Oh, and I am sure as heck impacted. The first three songs have put to music the last four years of my life. They do an incredible job the way they distill all these little pieces that make up the picture. Things like living in a share house, or skipping dinner to get drunk. Subjects that I have seen in music a bunch before, but the way Girl Germs put it into context it’s like you are right there in the song. As mentioned before in the intro a couple of the songs also confront living life as a lady. Stuff like getting groped in line, or being belittled.

Gosh, darn this album has got me all fired up. The sounds, that is the actual instruments are just the right amount of grit to them. Vocals are shouted in harmony. For the most part, the song structures are similar. I do however enjoy the brief departure from the norm with “Rut”. This slow burn style works really great with their sound.



Sean Maldjian