Cardi B | Money (Single)

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Family Average: 3/7

Ever heard of Cardi B? Sure most of the family has, but have they ever literally listened to her? Well, they did for sure today. The fam tried their ears at her latest single “Money”.

Listen along on Spotify and read what we thought of Cardi:


Well, you guys know that I am not a fan of “Rap”, but I am really trying to hear the music. So I actually wanted to like this track, it seemed very familiar to me as a rap song. It had the formula that my ears are getting used to. The words in between the piano, the drum beat that sounds like a machine, repetitive lyrics about money; this song had it all. Then I was told by real “Rap listeners”, that all the things that I mentioned are what is WRONG with this track. Apparently it is too predictable and they did not like it.

So, I’m happy to say that I did not like it at all, it was terrible. Ah all is right in the world once again. Peace out.



Isn’t it pretty played out and cliché to be rapping about money? Or maybe she’s just tapping into universal themes. I don’t know. It’s a self-reflexive single where she does nothing but flex alongside a heavy beat and some neat piano tucked in there. She’s got a good flow of lyrics for sure. Everything about this makes sense as a track that is meant to solidify her place within the genre. It feels consistent with her style and persona, but nothing feels particularly groundbreaking.



I mean what is there to say, it's a very barren song. You have your classic grand piano, with a rolling thumping 808; your TICK TICK TICK TICK 1/8th note hi hats; and who could forget the 909 clap. That's it. You would think everyone is sick of this style but to many it is still very satisfying. Who am I to say that it sucks. I feel the worst part about this song is next time I'm in an Uber my driver will most likely be blasting this song and now I will know the words. Fuck me.



I've been so far removed from the US for like a year it's really hard to form a hip opinion of Cardi B because she’s so woven in there with it all. So here are the thoughts that came to my “foreign” brain: I feel like anyone could be put in her place. Like the production is good and those like hard “dunn’s” hit you but none of that is her. The chorus I guess I like what she's doing with her voice. But the verses are like she's reading a bit. The whole thing on her part is kind of hollow like she’s just missing it. But then again it's a very generic beat.

Sounds like the gold plated bugatti of high school rappers who just uses a cut and paste beats. But for some reason I might want to listen again.



I listened to this a couple times to make sure I was getting all of it, but to be honest there isn’t much to get. Music as a medium is easy to do, but it’s hard to do well. This song has all the trimmings and trappings of an R&B song. It’s got the fast lyrics and the driving beat, but the soul of it just seems to be lacking. The musical accompaniment doesn’t bring anything to the table, and there’s no real emotion or power behind her words. It's like spaghetti with pasta sauce. Yeah it works as a meal but you'd rather have some additional veggies, meat, and spices in there.



I feel a bit out of my depth trying to analyze this song but—before I even finished that sentence I remembered that this is the whole point of the blog anyway. So let me tell you how this song made me feel.

Cardi B is a lady I have heard from others, she's doing things people! Making music, and making it real good…kinda…I guess. I think this is like the second or third song I have ever heard her sing, and I would say this was my least favorite.

Nothing really blew me away. I did have a good time listening for that little baby voice that kept saying “Money”. You know, the one with all the reverb attached to it? It sounded like a little alien yelling out the window of it’s UFO while it goes by really fast. I wish I had more money too, Cardi B but hey what can you do. Again, nobody is going to throw a fit if you put this song on, its just that though kind of background tunes.


Sean Maldjian