Dark Eyes | You Seem Alright (Single)

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Family Average: 3.25/7

Last weekend as the family was centered around a kitchen island filled with enough snacks to feed a small country, we listened to a few more singles and reviewed them. Frequent family guests Serge and Meg were present, as well as Kate's long-time pal and honorary Maldjian Kelsey. 

There was a lot of different reactions to this single by Dark Eyes, and they're all quite a trip. Listen along here and see what we had to say:


His vocals reminded me of Hugh Grant’s in the early 2000s romcom “Music and Lyrics”. The song felt like it was produced under the same context, rushed and making way to sell tickets at the box office. Only difference is this isn’t made for a movie (at least I don’t think). I dug the pop direction, but it never fully got to somewhere that was concrete.



Is anyone else kinda bothered by the fact that the guy’s voice seems so nonchalant in contrast to the lyrics? It literally sounds like he’s about to fall asleep, or he’s just bored out of his mind to sing this song, but talks about a rough breakup. The music is fine, the arrangement is kinda nice, but not very memorable. But he really need to put some energy in his voice, he sounds like he doesn’t care about singing this song.



Reminds me of Depeche Mode but like a more bland version of it. The droning voices and the use of echo gives that ethereal cybernetic vibe they have but it’s kind of flat in comparison. It’s not bad, but I feel like it lacks substance, needs a bit more personality to it. If echo-ish atmospheric stuff is your jam you might like this. Personally, it’s not something that I would actively seek out to listen to again.



A nice floaty feeling we have here. I was pleased when the ethereal kind of response kicked in during the chorus. While there is not anything too punchy jumping out at me while listening I don’t think that was really the intention, and for that I say ooooohhh yeeeeehhh. A solid effort with a lot of the pieces working together.



Easy to listen to and pleasing, yet predictable. I don’t have much to say yet  I think that says it all. Not very impressionable but that doesn't mean it wasn’t good. Just not a song that makes me go whooah I need to find you and listen to you and add you to all my playlists. I’m content with just the one listen, cus it did have me swaying.



Although it was melodic, it was very boring. It was more background music than a composition itself. At times it was monotonous and very predictable. I’m also not a fan of the echo, or the autotuning or any of that.



Okay here we go. We listened to this while eating a spread of veggies at the Maldjian homebase for context. I enjoyed it overall, it felt like it could accompany some kind of Saul Bass-like credits to a murder mystery movie or something. I could have done without all those echos though..took me out of it and just felt a bit unnecessary. After the last single we reviewed I’m honestly just so happy with this one in contrast. Don’t know if that’s more a compliment to this single or an insult to the other.



Is he living a lie? I don't know. Maybe. Did I like this song? I don't know. Maybe. There's an interesting echo / reverb situation going on that I don't hate. It definitely got my head bobbing and my feet tapping, but it felt a bit like a filler song on a Spotify generated indie playlist -- which again...I don't necessarily hate. Overall, it left me feeling pretty content, but ready for a "punchier" song to follow. I just feel like this track is scraping the tip of their potential, and that they could really tap into something cool if they push it a bit further… I don't know. Maybe.


Sean Maldjian