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Delancey St. Station by Pinc Louds

Family Average: 5/7

Here we are folks. Together once again, and looking at another fantastic NYC based musician. Pinc Louds is the creation Claudi Love and Federico Ausbury. If you can not tell already stuff is about to get wild. Nothing on this album could ever be called ordinary. Lets all have a look below and see what everyone had to say.

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


I feel like anyone who has passed through Brooklyn has a story of when they happened upon Pinc Louds so I will save you mine. What I will say is that I was excited to see them in our lineup for this week’s reviews because I have actually heard them before—multiple times to be not at all exact! I’ve seen them on the subway, at House of Yes, and a few other venues. AND THEY’RE ONE-OF-A-KIND COOL IN MY OPINION.

Each track is layered with different sounds; Claudi’s vocals, her friends’ instruments, and sometimes the sounds of a subway station as the train is passing by.

Right from the first track, “Soul In My Body”, you are taken by the hand and pulled into a rabbit hole that defies reality and welcomes childlike wonder. As you progress into “Last Chance at Love” and “Roaches” you start to slowly forget what year this was made and what year you are currently in. By the time you get to “Watching Snow” you are undoubtedly smiling and embracing a level of imagination that you thought you had forgotten.

It’s all unabashingly weird and mystically catchy. For the later half of the album I like “Speak to Me Dead” and “Scrambled Inside”. I am laughing replaying me swooning to them on the tracks of the L and then again and again. I am also laughing because I know my dad will hate this album haha.



I’m not sure why but this just wasn’t what I was expecting. Right away “Soul in My Body” just hooks you in. The beat is very catchy and makes you feel bubbly. The vocals are very high and actually quite impressive. Just in my first listen I was really enjoying the lyrics. “Last Chance at Love” has a lot of twists and turns, the tempo varies dramatically throughout the song (after listening to the entire album, all the songs are wonderful like this). A lot of curve balls! Love it! As I continue to listen to this album, each song just builds on the previous. I’ve never felt like all the songs of an album were connected like I did while listening to this.  Some of the tunes sound like they come straight from a quartet in red stripes performing for tips in a hat on the corner. This is a good thing. My only complaint is the odd talking/conversations in random songs, but they eventually turn to song in a slow transition that you don’t necessarily notice happening. Overall the album was a wonderful listen with many different feels. 



I think I remember Kate telling me she went and saw this act play a show in the city. She showed me pictures and told me it was amazing. I did what every normal person does when someone tells them they should listen to something, and just kept listening to the same three albums I put on every day. I am truly happy that I finally got around to hearing this. It is an album that is unique in every angle you view it from.

I am always a fan of extraordinary styles of singing. Acts like Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom, and Nina Simone. These are things I like.  At a time where I hear hundreds of bands a week any type of approach that strays from the norm is such a breath of fresh air.

At times the style of singing kind of reminds me of that jazzy kind of vocals that pops up in a lot of artists from the ’60s.

Yeah, I would say I liked this album quite a bit. The daunting fourteen songs had me a bit worried, but there is so much gosh darn variety. Not only between the songs but even within the songs themselves. They swing seamlessly between soulful slow jams, furious fast strumming, and all kind of stuff in between.

Anyone like me who has a love for art-pop sounds needs to check this album out.



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Legend has it (actually it's a fact) that Pinc Clouds was born out of the New York underground scene. Literally -- they had their start playing downtown in the Delancey St. station. This unique beginning has rendered a unique sound; like an embodiment of this city --  its color, its restlessness, its chaos, its charm. It is all nothing short of an experience.

I was completely blown away by the variation on this album. The compositions are complex, but feel organic and completely authentic to the performance. The unique vocals range from a falsetto to chaotic shrieking, and has an old school, smoky nostalgia about it. There's a bit of folk in there, a bit of rock, a bit of punk, a bit of jazz -- all of them and none at all. It feels decadent somehow, like music from a bygone era. It's as if Bowie and Billie Holiday made a barbershop quartet or something equally charming and absurd. Overall, I was completely entertained and enamored. They've created a beautiful and quirky little world.


Sean Maldjian