The Bralettes | Eddie

Eddie by The Bralettes

Family Average: 5/7

Whats cracking everybody? Ever have someone that you felt so strongly about that you wrote a song about them? Even if you don’t make music. well I suppose then it would just be a poem then huh? Either way The Bralettes can play music! So much so that they played music and put it into a digital space where we all had a chance to listen to it. Now the family knows how they feel about Eddie. How do we feel about the Bralettes?

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


Can I just say how gorgeous the beginning of this song is? Scratch that, I’m into all of it. The whole surf-rock sunshine sound always hooks me, combined with these girls’ deeper vocals and swirling guitar, it becomes that much sweeter. Never have I heard a band more aptly described as “Bubblegum Punk.” Think ‘60s mod girl groups meet garage rock. A winning combo in my humble opinion. Overall, these ladies can bash out a tune: it’s punchy, potent, and makes me wanna enter a surf competition with Gidget. I’m also a fan of their bio / manifesto listed on their Bandcamp: “Be confident. Love yourself and your body. Start a band and take your shirt off in front of strangers. Do whatever you want.” They’re ladies after my own heart.



I don't know who this Eddie dude is, but it seems there's a lot to be said about him! Bralettes delivers a surf rock-y track with ghostly punk vocals. I feel like I could throw this into any chill party playlist of mine and it wouldn't miss a beat! It was a welcomed and familiar sound.



I liked this track. To me, it felt like Blondie meets Courtney Barnett. The piece was well composed and produced. It was refreshing to hear music that enhances the voice of the singer. The instruments were clear and sharp. I would like to hear more from this group because I feel they really get what it takes to put out a great song. So yes, this song "Feels Nice". I give it a




I found myself going back to this song very often today. A total of 3 times for reference. When I first listened to the track, I was put off by how the singer was saying the name Eddie. It’s like ED-EEES and the S noise combined with saying the word Ahh hurt my ears on my headphones. I was really happy listening on my monitors. Everything was nice and wide, there was a lot of fun pieces to focus on through the mix and the “ED-EEE” part didn't really matter much. Should the lead be more punctual in the beginning of the outro? It felt like it found its way into the pocket halfway through, but when it arrived I felt it was dragging. I liked the section right before the outro. It made me happy that the ending wasn’t half-assed too.



The Bralettes, yes, amazing the name.

Love the sound, really love the sound.

When I was really feeling the guitar I was like please don't let the voice be annoying, but it wasn't, it was just what I was hoping for.

Perfect, I love this shit and everything they’re about. I would see them live for sure.



Get me some dark sunglasses and put me on a surfboard. These ladies lay down one smooth jam. A great band with a great name, I am picking up what they are putting down. A lot of bands strive for that rough sound, but forget that you kind of actually need to know what you are doing to make it sound good. Kind of like when people scoff at abstract paintings. They can not see the amount of skill it actually takes to get the end result, and they assume that it’s something they can do easily. Well, let me tell you something. I have spent hundreds of hours listening to bands try to get the lo-fi punk sounds that are coming from this group. It aint that easy. Any who, after going back and listening to everything they put up on Bandcamp, I have a whole new appreciation for this tune. They are taking their sound into a new kind of low-down space. I am really digging that, and while they do eventually bring it to a crescendo by the end of the song, I appreciate the restraint they show by taking the time to build up to it.



I don’t know what’s up with the trend of making it sound like you’re singing monotone from the end of a tunnel, but most of the time I hear it it’s not being utilized in an appealing way. It’s almost like they’re relying on it to hide how their voices really sound. The instrumentals and lyrics were also too repetitive and lackluster.

I listened to the whole thing a few times for the review, but other than that there’s nothing keeping me listening to this song.


Sean Maldjian