Hulder | Embraced by Darkness Mysts


Family Average: 3.5/7


A fiercely emotional experience. The Inquisitor (Marz Riesterer) does an incredible job channeling sound tied to iconic black metal outfits of the 1990’s. I am a huge fan of  a little black metal ASMR intro to the first track. On this single we are treated to the sounds of a peaceful forest while a guitar is melodically picked. It does well to get your head in the right space for the all out assault that is to come. Fast, harsh, and bleak. Really can not ask for much more. 



 struggle to get too excited about black metal, but maybe that’s the point. However, I was pretty into the actual music on this album — the riffs were strong and the synth was searing. But then the screaming mess of shrill and grating vocals came in and I began to experience second-hand vocal fry, if that’s even a thing. 

I think someone on this blog once said, I get it. But I don’t like it. 



I really enjoyed the first minute of the first song and almost got upset when the song really kicked in, but as I re-adjusted i found myself really enjoying this groove. It was fun to work to, something sounds off about the drums idk i wish they were tighter and I wished the outro was longer on the last track, maybe it returning to the beginning theme.



Full Disclaimer, I am not a fan of Rap or Death Metal. I do not believe that I can do this work justice, I find this genre utterly repulsive, maybe it is intended to make the listener angry, but I honestly cannot stand to listen to it, because it fills me with RAGE. Furthermore, the production was inferior, what’s with all that hissing?


Sean Maldjian