feyde | Thoughts From 3am


Family Average: 6/7

Feyde, Feyde, Feyde, what is up? Where in the world have we found ourself today? Feyde is a pretty cool guy from Syracuse, New York. On his album Thoughts From 3am He conjures some powerful spirits. One of them can be seen above in the album artwork. Also summoning spirits is no easy task look here for an example.

Listen along on Soundcloud and read on to find out:


Ooh okay. This album starts with “3AM”, an instant vibe, yes. This track would definitely have to be my favorite although there’s goodness to the other songs too of course.

Lyrics a little basic, but you are forgiven because everything about the music, is so beautiful and exactly what I needed. The layering that starts around 2 mins in of voices/harmonies feels very nice, very Joji.

Super good feeling the album as a whole. A Boy Pablo, Joji type vibe. Pretty cool that Joji has already been around long enough to influence someone.

The track “Street Light” has a bit of a Frank Ocean yet also Tyler, the Creator influence as well.  

Lay in bed as the sun is hitting your face, maybe with watercolor paints within reach to this album and everything will be just fine.



What a beautiful combination of smooth, soulful vocals paired with dynamite production and intriguing lyrics. This EP of only a few songs left me wanting for more. “3AM” sets the tone blending the vocals with some masterful guitar work. The lyrics create a visual of a night with so much promise, you don’t want it to end, as evidenced in the line, “Let’s set it to 2”.

Just when  you feel you have this artist’s style figured out, in comes “Street Lights”, introducing a rather different vibe.  More techno than the other tracks yet the vocals hold up perfectly, giving you a glimpse into how talented he really is.  He makes it all work in a fresh new way.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album. I would best describe it by saying the artist brings you to that magical place between awake and dreaming, sort of like a musical version of Shavasana. I give this



This album definitely feels nice. It’s a chill R&B with a bit of funk and hypnotic rhythm thrown in. Couple of songs had my head bobbing back and forth to the beat. The title of the album and the initial song are pretty accurate to the feeling as well. Everything’s a bit muddled, out of focus, introspective, an slightly existential. The music doesn’t overwhelm you with elements, it’s economical with what is picked to be used and when. Sometimes the atmospheric effects would take you out of it though, like the siren in Indigo. Normally rain sounds are fine, but there was something off about the one in the first and last track that I couldn’t wrap my mind around. Maybe cause it sounded less like environmental rain and more like water hitting the tiles in a shower.

The vocalist has a great tone about him, very smooth. While the range doesn’t change too much it’s varied enough that it’s not like a boring monotone. However I do agree with the choice of removing the opening line from 3am, which is present in the single version. It was kinda unnecessary. Speaking of the single version, I listened to both 3am a couple times but I’m having a hard time hearing any noticeable difference other than the cut intro.
I think my favorite song would be a tie between Street Lights and Tomorrow. Street Lights is aptly named, and conveys the emotion of half-consciousness surrounded by not only street light but distant twinkling stars. Like with the beeps and the repetitive beats. Tomorrow had a wistfulness about it that made it stick out in my mind.

This guy’s got a good sound. If you’re looking for something unobtrusive yet still engaging to listen to I’d def check it out. Even if you’re not a fan of R&B it’s enough of a mix that I think you’d get something out of it.



There goes my previous theory that nothing good happens at 3AM. Up until now I have only associated the time with late night trips to fast food restaurants, and realizing that you have been at a bar too long when the house lights come on. Move over memories of debauchery there is a new meaning to 3AM. That new meaning takes the form of smooth neo-soul vocals, and high treble guitar.

What's going on Feyde? Looking at the ep as an ep because that's what it is. I think it is incredibly successful in showing the range of this artist. Like I had mentioned before with the whole neo-soul comment. It does seem to start off that way, but from there RetentionBanners_V1 artist takes sharp diversions into analogous genres of music.

In addition to that he also shows range in terms of the scale of a song. At the end of the EP “Tomorrow” comes on. The song just gets enormous. Tons of reverb is thrown on and cymbals are crashing. It is such a contrast to the start of the EP. Where on the front end everything is quite intimate the ending shows the artist is capable of tackling songs with a lot more elements working together.

Also I am just going to end on this. Man that boy can play some pretty chords.


Sean Maldjian