Figgy Baby | Seams. (single)

Figgy Baby Seams.

Family Average: 5/7

Here we go everybody our hero from out west has returned. Old friend of the blog Figgy Baby is back with an all new single. We could not help but jump at another opportunity to feature this wonderful person. You could say there were a few loose threads. HA HAAAAAHHH. Wow It’s pretty late while I write these. I like it though keeps it loose. You know what else help keep things loose thats right Figgy baby. Pop them on you will know exactly what I mean. This fella is a powerful force of relaxation. If that oxymoron did not frustrate you continue to read the rest of our reviews.

Look below and see what the family had to say.


Beautiful.  Calm and calming, Figgy Baby is always honest and real with his lyrics. Love all the beats we have going on here, in the beginning it sounds like meditative, and then towards the middle and end we have some 90s sounds female vocals on backup, reminiscent of a Tupac arrangement. Figgy Baby makes existence happy. He makes me feel like positive change is possible in this world, and there are good people out there who want it.  Aprobado.



I feel like Figgy Baby is an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve. In all of his work, Figgy Baby tackles themes of social issues and anxieties with a deft ability and grace. He has an innate skill in which he is able to give life and form to the words and thoughts many of us are unable to express.

This newest single considers systemic social issues and toxic behavior, specifically surrounding the tropes, conventions, and expectations of masculinity. With grace and poignancy, Figgy Baby challenges these behaviors, highlights the associated insecurities, and promotes a new definition of self-hood.  

Figgy Baby creates music that flows and soothes while delivering a clear and poignant message. This is music with a soul, through and through. He delivers with an ease and potency and speaks with a certain poetry. His words have passion but never aggression; he creates music that is tempered, graceful and honest, always. 



This song kept surprising me, cause for the first half it never would go where I was expecting. The initial poignant strum of the guitar and clack of the drums put me in mind of an instrumental song, but then the voice came in faint, distorted as if through a muffled radio. When it comes to the forefront it switches to spoken-word r&b rap, but the music keeps that flowy, acoustic feeling, sometimes throwing in some nice changes of pace like the violin and chorus singers. It happens gradually, almost unnoticeably if you don’t pay attention, but even while retaining the same feeling the accompaniment starts to change to match the R&B style, what with the high-hats, some electronic elements, and the strong beat. The singer’s voice is clear and concrete, but during the chorus it softens again, evoking this kind of feeling like heavy palm leaves being pushed up by the wind. The one thing I’d suggest though is putting a bit more emotion into the spoken-word parts. After a while it starts to just sound monotone.

Could use a bit of tweaking, especially around the lyrics of the refrain, but other than that I got no major complaints.



Well look who we got here! This really is a sight for sore eyes. It has been almost a year since we reviewed “Mixed-Race Mixtape”, and I was long overdue for another dose of this person. Figgy Baby has evolved their sound since their latest release. I can not get over how clean the production sounds on this single. The same sensibilities and musical techniques that I loved on their previous album are crafted darn near to perfection on this single. 

Apart from the sound Figgy baby’s words thoughts and ideas are also coming through stronger than ever. I constantly find myself amazing at their ability to depict an abstract emotion or thought that has crossed my mind over a thousand times. In respects to fear of the future a line comes up “Too young to admit it out loud, old enough to over think.” Lines like these just hit you right in the gut in leave you doubled over. He is able to cram like fifteen of these lines in a three and a half minute track.

Let me close by saying that having reviewed this a year ago when we were just starting out. It makes me really happy to see talented keep thriving and making incredible things. Regardless if we had any impact on it at all it is just great to see it happening. Keep on keeping on Figgy Baby.


Sean Maldjian