Covey | Gecko (Single)

Gecko by Covey

Family Average: 5/7

Ah Covey, a name that inspires a lot of comfort. Not only is it rather close to the word “cozy”. It also kind of sounds like “cove” which has to be by far one of the most fun body of water. Anybody invites me to a cove I am going to be there faster than you can say “Hey come check out my cove there are no pirates”. Yes sir a real hoot! Covey has just recently put out a new record that you should check out here. This review is of a song on that record and it seems like the fam had a pretty good time!

Look below and see what the family had to say.


What a light and floaty tune for a rather sad picture painted by the lyrics. If you didn’t listen to the words coming through over the upbeat indie guitar riffs and drums, you’d surely put this on a “good times” type of playlist. But as you listen, you begin to hear the sadness creep in “When I was three I watched the world go up in flames// As you dug a tunnel underneath it all // We laid down and watched as everybody tried to stay alive// But when we came out again they had all burnt to the ash filled ground.” I know the lyrics are mostly based in metaphor, yet they feel highly tangible. I’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t feel the pang in their heart when they realize the memory of someone’s voice is slowing fading away. A beautifully done juxtaposition.



This is an airy little number. The guitar is happy and nice for the ears while the voice at times is on the verge of tears.  The lyrics also have a sadness to them, contrasting the light guitar. Sad, yet poetry. The sound reminds me at times of some 90s music, and boardwalk rides.  A song I would spin around to.



"Gecko" by Covey is a striking single; poetic in its handling and unique in sound. With nasal, rougher vocals, and poignant lyrics, it's evocative of Neutral Milk Hotel but with a more romantic element. Perhaps because the lyrics are so expressive, it feels personal and intimate somehow. Covey does a fantastic job mixing really beautiful guitar work with heavily texture vocal harmonies. He has a certain pop sound without all the pop-y, candy-coated synth, and plays to his strengths with some immense acoustics and buoyant melodies. There's a quirk and painterly-ness to it all, and I'm excited to see what else he has up his sleeves.



Light speed activated. We are getting stringy and loose up in this mother. Covey’s music is drenched is the best kind of sepia toned nostalgia. Makes me think of days gone by when I used to try and build forts in the woods. Fans of the Jangle-Pop genre will light up on this puppy. The guitar in the track shimmers out all over the other instruments. Vocals are in that wonderful higher up range. There might be a word for it I am missing, but whatever lets keep moving.

The track has a few phases where the strumming breaks up and the rest of the parts get to shine though. A little breath is nice for me keeps me from getting stir crazy.

All and all had a great time. Pop this baby on and good times will be had by all.



This song sounds like autumn. I can’t explain why it just does. Like it’s bright but the light isn’t warm, and it’s not humid. It’s quiet and humble, a song for reflection with a hint of blues. The vocals are a unique flavor, varying in vocal range but keeping a gravelly kind of texture. For the most part the song is comfortable easy listening, but sometimes they just have this guitar strum repeat a few times and I keep thinking the track is stuck. Other than that though I got no complaints, this is a solid song.


Sean Maldjian