Glitterer | Destiny (single)


Family Average: 4/7

Glitterer is bringing it all home. Weather it was their intention to bring glitter into the front of my brain does not matter. Now glitter is there, and when I think glitter the next thing that comes to my mind is the greatest moment of television history I LOVE NEW YORK. Okay now that my episode has passed lets get down to the music. Glitterer is releasing an all new record this year. One of the tracks below is from that album. Its some downright explosive popping rock music, with some electronic juices pumped into it. Is that something the rest of the family is into?

Look below and see what the family had to say.


Nostalgic, lo-fi, angsty goodness. He gets right into his sound with the fuzzy guitar and vocals, putting me into a hazy head space. This track stays on a steady sound and energy the whole time. I let it play over and over again because it’s a nice world. The mid 2000s are alive.

A current band I’d compare him to is Dads, love Dads, the band that is, dads in general are good too though.



This song doesn’t so much put me in mind of glitter but instead the colors and spots you get when you rub your eyes and open them, or when your eyes are exposed to bright light too long. I mean it can sometimes look like glitter though. It’s a grungy song, somehow maintaining a calm feel even though the singer is shouting most of the time. Maybe because the singing’s level is mixed in a lot with the slow music, it kinda feels like it’s submerged in the instrument tracks, making it hard to hear sometimes.

While it’s definitely some kid of indie rock-ish song, the content itself is kind of nondescript. Like I’ve listened to it a few times and I couldn’t really imitate how it sounded. Also there’s one thing I wasn’t clear on in the lyrics. At first it seems like a facetious take on destiny, the whole question of if things are pre-ordained then do any of our decisions matter, but then he says “I’m not to blame I’m innocent / As long as I’m the one who’s /

Pulling on the strings.” If you’re pulling the strings, aren’t you the one controlling destiny?



First and foremost, I am intrigued by the name. What is he glittering? Does he personally glitter? Google didn’t help much because I just ended up on the Wikipedia of that Mariah Carey movie.

But anyway. Glitterer opens with an almost literal bang. This single is the first off his new album, Looking Through The Shades,” and basically sounds like a big amalgamation of sounds and people bashing about in a room together.

The song has an interesting juxtaposition of being subdued and somehow delicate in its muted tone, but equally passionate and deafening in Glitterer’s gruff vocals — it’s like he is scream whispering and I am fascinated. Nevertheless, he keeps it at a constant energy. The single is concise and pithy as heck, the hook is pretty catchy, and it’s just 2 minutes 30 seconds of constant energy. Upon first listen, I wasn’t feeling it. Scream-y type of music isn’t usually my first choice. However, the brevity of the track compelled me to keep replaying it. Soon I was down a nostalgic indie-rock rabbit hole and was drawing comparisons to a whole bunch of those alt, indie, angsty bands from high school. No need to name names, you probs know who I mean.



Glitterer is a sonic force to be reckoned with. Hot on the heels of their upcoming album “Looking Through The Shades” they slipped out a couple of single to give us all a taste of things to come. I have to say I was SURPRISED! This is a new kind of form for this artist. Pulling away from the more intimate bedroom pop aesthetic they have stepped into full on power pop. Carrying the same weight as acts like Jeff Rosenstock, and Sky Ferreria. Pretty much any band that is really fun to scream the lyrics along to. Giltterer is like that. Makes me kind of eager to scope out the next time they are playing in NYC. That is just the thing I need. Friday night show screaming every word to every song. Next thing I know it Saturday afternoon comes around and I have the voice of a two pack a day smoker. People are asking me “Are you OK?”. It's a whole scene. Still totally worth it.

Back to the song now as I briefly touch on the message the tune is broadcasting. Rather this is my attempt to contextualize it. I really dig the picture it is painting. You have occult imagery of fire and ritual, and talk of destiny. It is all so mystical. Even though it is undoubtedly tied to a very real feeling of helplessness. The mystic aspect of it is what appeals to me. Obviously this was kind of intentional otherwise why include a tarot card reading in the music video? Ah now get going I am going to play with my OUIJI board. 


Sean Maldjian