Godcaster | Godcaster Demo


Family Average: 4/7

Godcaster is a “Sassy Sassy Rock Band” hailing from that nearby city called Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A lot of important America stuff happened over there. They Cracked bells, and shot holes in things. Also Godcaster is from there, and thats pretty darn important too! This is the demo from this band so the family takes great honor in kicking off their career with unwarranted, and irreverent opinions on their music! What could possibly go wrong?

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


Terrible representation of death Medal (editor’s note: We think he means “Metal” here). Yuck, not for me. 



I like that these guys are described as a “SASSY SASSY ROCK BAND” (all caps, of course).

That start and stop of the opening track just made my heart happy. Is that a flute? Did they drug Ian Anderson? Is Ian Anderson still alive? I don’t know, but it sounds right. But wow do I like this quirky psychedelic-funk-noise they’ve got. There’s a bit of disco, a bit of jazz, and enough disarray and sudden rhythm changes to be just plain weird. The lyrics and vocals aren’t the focal point, but are rather used to accent the crazy instrumental variation.. The album is short but sweet, but packs a punch, closing out with the totally absurd and vivid track “Groove Station (Rupture Blast off).” Oh man, what a bizarre masterpiece; grooving, erratic, and totally wonderful. 10/10 would attend a live show.



Once you catch that this band doesn't take itself too seriously, you can kind of enjoy them a little more. They're fun, waaay out there, and pretty funky. I particularly liked "Groove Station"...in part because I live off Grove St Station and it made me laugh. It reminded me of the fun modern funk that Vulfpeck is trying to bring out. But this was much, much more raw and experimental. 

My one complaint was the vocals. I don't think they have it figured out yet.



Holy smokes team you must promise to make more of these noises! This poser cowboy can not get enough of this Sassy Sassy Rock band. I don’t want to be blinded by my gushing adoration allow me to try and compose myself while I explain why this Demo works good for me. So many times I see an album ingest it and walk away going: “Huh? Yeah those were a couple of songs.” This Demo is an absolute Unit. It is effective in popping in and through three relatively short songs showing you every reason why this band is great. You get some lovely throwback Funk vibes with the lead guitar, on top of smothered stripped down rocky tunes. The drums are just getting hammered in a way where they sound like they might just explode if the demo was any longer than eight minutes long. Vocals are strong, and while they do use that super reverby kind of thing for one song they get a moment to shine on “Groove Station”. I know rough around the edges is for sure an aesthetic choice/ lack of resources, but I would love to hear these guys continue to push their ideas. Maybe clean up a little bit. The heavy distortion is always cool, but it also detracts from the other cool stuff going on.



I liked the artwork on the cover. "Dirt Bike Bike vs. Cops" interesting instrumental but not really my taste.  There is a lot going on and most of it is confusing to me. I am pretty sure the melody was stolen from a TV show intro. Why add the vocals on that second track if they aren't going to bring anything to the table. "Groove Station" was a bit of a rip off of "Give it to me baby" or even Blonde. But not enough of what I like about either of those to make me like it enough to listen again.



This first track is really sweet. It sounds like a good amount of people having fun. I would say the drums stood out in a really good way. It held together the various medleys this song ran into. We finally got to hear some vocals in the second song and I thought the phrasing was cool and it had just the right amount of hardware on the vocals. The final song sounds mixed much much more poorly than the first two and it was hard to get through.



I gotta hand it to this group, this is quite a unique and quirky sound that they’ve cultivated. Like you wouldn’t think to hear a flute in a rock-ish album but hey, it’s there and it kinda works. That, the synthesizer, and the weird distortion they put on the guitar all give it a mood that’s hard to pinpoint but is still somehow pleasant. It can get a bit muddled at times though, but it seems like that’s the recording quality. There’s a lot of atmospheric interference so it comes off fuzzy. “Sassy Stick Boy” drops the rock for a more alternative style with a smooth sound. The parts that are non-vocal though sound sorta like the background music to the starting town of an RPG. Groove Station was...something. Definitely the most unique of the bunch, but it might be that it stood out because it was really loud and obtrusive. But that doesn’t mean it was bad, it just had a lot going on. Kinda lasted a bit longer than it needed too though.
They could use some better quality recording equipment. Don’t hide behind distortion, let your sound speak for itself.


Sean Maldjian