Holy Golden | Sleepwalkers in the Milky Way

Sleepwalkers in the Milky Way by Holy Golden

Family Average: 4/7

Count backwards from 10 everybody. When you open your eyes you will be sleepwalking with us through the galaxy they call the Milky Way. To accompany our journey we have perdured some tunes. It is the one the only Holy Golden. Now let’s all hold hands and spiral out into the shimmery starts, oh and also talk about the music.

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


They’ve got a Florence + the Machine kind of vibe going on, but it lacks the substance. The singer also doesn’t have the voice for it. I gotta admit I’m not digging the style she chose for her singing. It’s got a weird, wavering quality to it and has these weird upturns in pitch. The music is solid, but there’s nothing that really stands out about it. Each time a new song started it would have a different sound and I’d think it was gonna change up, but eventually they all settle into the familiar style and mood.

Even though there were changes to the lineup, some songs involving more instruments than others, they still somehow mushed together. I couldn’t tell you which one was which, except “Seven of Diamonds” sounded like it was going somewhere, but again the voice was too grating. The lyrics were a bit thought-provoking, they’re done in that allegory/metaphor style that they have that cryptic vagueness to where you can sort of get an idea what they’re about but not the full picture.

It’s a mellow album, but it feels hollow, and the singer needs to improve or adjust her range to better mesh with the instruments.



Dust off my disco kicks, it’s synth pop season! Holy Golden, ya done good by me already. I always love the inherent sadness that comes with the synth pop genre. This album is no exception as many of the songs deal with loss, grieving, and making due with your time on this earth to find some meaning in it all.

As far as the whole synth pop goes, “Strength” will for sure scratch that itch, making it a lovely addition to my playlists, nestled alongside Glass Candy and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. Hand claps at the ready people *Clap**Clap*.

Holy Golden does not go down the whole “tecehnotronic path” completely though. Interesting enough, I found a lot of my favorite songs on the album had the smallest amount of electronic input to them. One of those tracks is “Sleepwalkers in the Milky Way.” Once again we have a spectacular example of how to end an album. Sort of shut your brain down like in the ending of a yoga class. The whole world kind of narrows and then you wake up and it's tomorrow. Feel relaxed yet? Me neither. Still great job here, and if you like them synthy pops come take a peek you will not be disappointed.



This is a dream-pop, folk-infused, psych-rock beauty. The guitar licks are warm, the synth is sweet, and the vocals are graceful. It flows so easily and despite the overall ethereal quality, the tracks have enough variation and texture to keep it interesting. Balanced between the hard and soft, the electronic and organic, it renders a visceral and vibrant experience. If I had synesthesia this would totally do my head in. They deftly shift between mellow and moody, bouncy and brooding, while keeping this celestial, dreamy feeling. Have I used the word “dreamy” enough yet? I don’t know, maybe it’s the smooth harmonies or the breathy vocals, but something about this just tranquilized me and soothed my soul. It’s an absolute reverie from start to finish.



I get the feeling that these peeps take some heavy inspiration from Fleetwood Mac—it’s reflected in their album art, their band photography, hints of spooky Stevie vocals, and even slightly smaller hints in the music. They basically start with that as a base and build some more pop and synth into the tracks. Maybe I’m totally off but that’s the vibe I got.

So if you like Fleetwood Mac, but also love the current trends of Folky-Pop and Synth Pop, then I think you should give this one a shot. They are definitely experimenting and trying to break the mold of a typical song of these genres.

Again, I’m not proud to say I’m starting to sound like my Dad here but I just prefer a little less razzle dazzle and a little more actual music. I still appreciate them though. They sound very dreamy. Maybe I’m just not in the dreamy mood lately.  



Sounds like bits and pieces of many indie bands I’ve heard many times before. That’s not totally a bad thing though. I like the sound they are producing.

“Strength” these were sounds I wasn’t expecting to hear. This is like a different genre than the first song. I like it still.

“Sun Follows the Moon” bringing the drama.

Wow, I was feeling a West Coast (the indie band) vibe after the first track but they showed they are much more. Depth and quality music. Wow, not trying to bash West Coast, just trying to translate how I felt about this album.  

The album cover is very fitting, a dreamy, woodsy, fairy world.

Once I figured out what they were all about I was a fan.



These two individuals should never get out of bed to make another record.


Sean Maldjian