La Fille | I’m Movin’ On (single)

I’m Movin’ On by La Fille (single)

Family Average: 5/7

What ever you are thinking right now stop. Stop and think “I’m Movin’ On” obviously don’t stop doing the important thinking like breathing, and blinking, but stop all the word thoughts and instead think those words. Thats what La Fille would like to impart on you. Sometimes its best to move on. Other times you should stay still like when you get separated from your mom in the supermarket. You really can never tell when it is time to do which. It is one of life’s toughest questions, but we may have cracked the code.

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


Gosh darn this is one throbbing pop-gazaim. The guitar just drenches the song in this heavy fuzz, Drums are simple but driving, and them vocals oh my. The vocals have this perfect amount of kind of nasal tone. That might sound mean but I have a limited vocabulary. Let me try to explain it better. It is that kind of vocal style that fits into the bummer-pop sphere. It is something I say a lot about bands like Colma Cinema, Elvis Depressedly, and Sandy (Alex G.). Still, I would not really call this song Bummer-Pop. There is a bit of optimism, and energy that kind of sets this fella apart.

On top of all these lovely noises, I like the core message of the song. How it is talking about breaking free from a toxic relationship. We all need this to play in our heads at some point in life. That tender time when a relationship has run its course and sticking around is not going to do any good for anybody.

I am going to take a page out of this songs book and not over complicate this review thing. I like it. It is good.



All around a great post-break-up jam. The vocals sound like if Wavves and ARTHUR had a baby, that would be La Fille’s sound. I love the contrast of the textural sound of the guitar and vocals that are accompanied by simplistic lyrics. Though the lyrics are simple, they drive a very visceral vignette. The songwriter perfectly depicts the sense of conflict that one feels when the end of a venomous relationship is near. I like the feeling of confidence and hope that this song brings despite being a break-up song. It makes me want to drive far away from a tired relationship, but first I need to get my license!



This number is simple but effective. With a solid pop meets punk (kinda) sound, and accessible, open-hearted lyrics, it’s an “I-don’t-give-a…” track for the indie set. It’s well-suited to be a hit with those heavy, bouncy hooks, cymbal heavy percussion, and driving guitar. There is also something pretty appealing about that sort of straight-forward, unwavering delivery of lyric and steady tone of the vocals, all touting new beginnings and post-breakup optimism. All in all, a solid jam to blast through the speakers when you’re about to turn a new page in your life.

Onwards and upwards.



Very 90s yet also refreshing. A fuzzy sound yet also clean. Lots going on, yet not hectic. A song not easy to get sick of.  It fits into a few categories of music so there’s something for everybody and when you tune into the words, those are relatable too.

If I had to put a name to the genre I would say modern fuzzy indie mixed with on the pop songs my mom used to play on the radio in her car in the 90s (think “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim, or The New Radicals).

Overall, a fresh yet nostalgic sound. A goodie for sure.


Sean Maldjian