Saint Sister | Is It Too Early? (Kilmainham)

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Family Average: 6/7

Crack a glow stick because it is party time! Am I right people? Nothing makes me want to shake my hands erratically like a new release from this Northern Irish Pop duo. Earlier this month we were lucky enough to catch their show at rough trade. You can read up on that experience here. Alternatively you can also peep this new single. Personally I think you will be happy either way you choose.

Look below and see what the family had to say.


This track is solid. Symphonic. The sound reminds me a bit of HAIM or Shura with that depth as if the voice doesn’t need an echo to keep carrying on. Like a one-person choir. The voice stays slow and steady and around the same tone while the music around it grows and grows, with all sorts of instruments and diverse sounds. Stylishly beautiful.


Artwork by Taylor Hickman @brothathundah

Artwork by Taylor Hickman @brothathundah


A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this Irish duo, and I am forever indebted to her for the recommendation. With immense and deft skill, Saint Sister has rendered a unique sound comprised of stunning vocal harmonies, keyboard, and an electronic harp. The result is an airy, atmospheric, and melodic sort of folk-electronica. With an eeriness and sobriety, it somehow remains enchanting and light. Lyrically, the single touches on themes of homesickness and anxieties -- it conveys a poignant melancholia of shared experience that ticks all the boxes for some stellar brooding music.

I definitely see some overlap with an artist like James Blake, who similarly spins a fusion of emotion, ethereality, and electronica. Comparisons may also be made to the lady-fronted folk duo, Smoke Fairies (a Jack White supported project), but with less emphasis on chant-like, echoed vocals, and more on the immense layers and textures of sounds.

All in all, the is the type of music to play late at night, candles a flame, while you nurse a stiff drink or a strong cuppa (depending on your disposition). Undoubtedly Saint Sister is an absolute force, and spins some seriously heart-heavy, beautiful work.



This song was fiyah. I didn’t want it to end! You could hear the sadness in her lyrics and felt for her. The folky/dancy vibe made the song more uplifting. It’s a chill out bbq song. Their voices remind me of Imogen Heap... mmmm whatcha say? The Sisters are gonna be big. If i like it, anyone would like it!



Saint Sister's track "Is it too early?" is a dreamy, folk, electronic pop infused treasure. I loved the harmonies and the tone of their voices fused together.  These two are truly talented artists and musicians.

They are definitely a well put together duo. So much thought and effort has been put into all they are doing. Their strive for perfection really creates a beautiful piece of work. If the world made sense,  teachers would be more valued and Saint Sister would be at the "top of the charts"


Sean Maldjian