JahDon | JahDon Congo Bongo (single)

JahDon Congo Bongo

Family Average: 3/7

What Jah Don do if they come for you? Wow I am really impressed with that one. I think we have endured enough winter for this year. Let’s kick it into spring time weather with this fiery hot track. This lovely Regge single comes to us from the very talented Mr. Jah Don. The song of the summer, here it is for one night only its CONGO BONGO!

Listen along on here and read on to find out what we had to say:


This is definitely feel good music, no matter what the temperature is outside, this track is island style hot. I like carefree music and this track delivers, complete with rasta slang and improvised percussion  instruments, and even popping bubbles. The vocals and lyrics were fun and whimsical, which perfectly matched the feel of the whole track. I could see the phrase “you know you love” fitting in here.

“The congo bongo” replaces “don’t worry be happy”. Good stuff



Listening to this song I can feel the sun on my skin, the salt air in my hair, and the laid-back feeling in my heart. I loved this track. Awesome Reggae song. In this genre, it’s the total package. It has all the characteristics you look for in this type of song: a constant mesmerizing rhythm, easy flowing lyrics, and a Reggae vibe. What more could you ask for?  I want to make a rum punch, put my bathing suit on and hear this song again! I give this a—



Congo in the bongo everybody. How are you, my dearest JahDon? Is life going good? It must be going pretty good, this song is dripping with positivity. Everybody can get down with the “Congo Bongo”. Then again I may be an outlier.

It may just be sour grapes from me sitting here in the freezing New York weather, but as the song went on and on I found more stuff to pick at. Look, I am fine with really long songs, the only problem I have is when their length seems to serve no purpose. The party jam comes hopping onto the scene with some pops and whistles, and then they stick around for basically the rest of the five minutes. JahDon does add some distortion to the audio later in the track, but for me it was too little too late.

There are some good things that come up before I get really bored. The melody was eerily familiar and I thought did well to move the song along. The pops and whistles while used a bit too much did sound crisp and lively. I guess that is it. Until next summer my lovelies.



I didn’t dislike the song as much as I first expected the first notes of the intro. The synth brass sound from a cheap synthesizer is kind of a bad sign for what’s to come, but when JahDon starts to sing, it actually becomes pretty fun and entertaining. It doesn’t sound like traditional reggae, and that’s for the best. Simple beat, a cool xylophone to play the downbeat, and that’s all it needs. I really wish more reggae songs were like this one. It’s catchy, and actually makes you feel like you’re walking around in Jamaica, which is a welcomed feeling during this goddamn winter. Keep up the good work!



This is a summer jam if I've ever heard one. Bouncy and cheerful, it's drenched in sunshine and sweetness and smiles. The happiness of it all is so infectious that you can't help but smirk and chuckle and sway along with it. Truth be told, I really have no idea what this song is about, but if you are ever in need of a hit of pure joy, go watch the music video. So much smiling, so little time.

That being said, I got bored pretty quickly and the incessant happy-go-lucky feel got a bit annoying. After the first listen the perky chorus was permanently lodged in my mind; the repetition soured it for me. So, rather than rain on everyone's parade, I'm just going to say it's a nice track, I understand the appeal and  appreciate the energy, but it's just not for me.



I never knew I’d love the Congo Bongo either...the song that is! Usually not my go-to, but this is a pretty nice reggae track right here. The simple beat and happy vibes fill you up with a such warm feeling.

I close my eyes, and despite this seemingly never-ending winter over here in New Jersey, that happy sunny feeling fills up my whole body. When I open them up I’m smiling and asking my parents’ Google Home to play “Congo Bongo” again on repeat.


Sean Maldjian