JAIALAI | Sunshine (Single)


Family Average: 4/7

Oh gosh my eyes! All this sunshine is blinding me!! Not the worst thing though slowly but surely they are adjusting. With each passing session it feels less like searing sun pains, and more like echo infused shoegaze music. Ahh ahhh ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhh that is the ticket. Looks like I am not the only one. The whole family has gotten neck deep in the bright lights. Take a peek below to see how they are holding up.

Look below and see what the family had to say.


Get me my shades and turn on my windshield wipers, because this song is perfect for driving through a sun-storm. Pockets of psychedelic sunshine sandwiched into dreary rhythm and vocals. Pops of organ in there too if I’m not mistaken? It’s good for one trippy song over here. I got hints of David Bowie? Any other band I could reference I wouldn’t know the name of because as Austin Powers woud say “this sorta thing ain’t my bag baby”.

Only major complaint I’d say is it’s about 3 minutes too long, so I will be deducting 3 points from my final grading. I know that’s kind of like a teacher giving you an A minus  on an A plus writing assignment because they “just want to challenge you”...but there are no rules out her in the old Family Reviews blog space...so there you have it. 



Hypnotic chime of the ride cymbal, and a swinging bass line Jaialai had me drawn in right from the start. This is me reporting to you live from my drunken stopper to tell you I found a band that totally fits my current head swinging mood.

With a similar vocal style to slow-core and shoegaze bands alike this single has me staring into the void. “Void” What a great word. How come when I hear the word the only thing I can picture is a rift in space time with tentacles coming out of it? Must be too many horror movies jamming the frequencies of my brain. Why can’t I have cool brain problems like the protagonist from “FROM BEYOND”. He got a tentacle that came out of his forehead that made sex feel amazing! Whoopsie not what we are here to talk about. Anyway sorry about that I got a little lost. At the same time I am not sorry because this single really is great for getting lost in your own thoughts. That's right microphone check! I AM NOT SORRY.

At a honking six minutes long it hardly feels its length. This is mostly because time does not process when one is spacing the funk out.



This band is an interesting one. It adopted the name of what is supposedly the fastest sport in the world (look it up, it's WILD). Their music, however, is not. But, that is not a criticism! This single is all kinds of chill and groovy and slow and oh so sweet.

Anyone that has read this blog for a minute knows I love some psych rock. This track pays homage to the '60s/'70s heady and trippy goodness I love, but remains palatable for those unaccustomed. It remains true to the genre but unique, with some really lovely and woozy moments where the instrumentals shine and the vocals pull you straight back to earth. I was left smelling incense and seeing flowers. They band has a really deft and skilled way of layering the various instruments with the vocals, making it a really atmospheric and immersive listen.  With some some stunning moments of jangly guitar, woozy instrumentals, a solid bit of tambourine (yes, no, maybe?) and airy, floating vocals, they had me.

All in all, I just want to be sitting in a field, basking in the sun, and enjoying LIFE listening to this piece. I like it, a lot. End of.


Sean Maldjian