Kaycie Satterfield | Women's Fiction


Family Average: 6/7


“Women’s Fiction” by Kaycie Satterfield was a beautiful mix of great lyrics and soulful harmonies.  She conveys her story in a way that is relatable to any woman listening to her track. She matches her gift of storytelling to her dreamy, soothing vocals to create a track that leaves you wanting for more.  I found myself searching for more music by this artist and I was not at all disappointed in what I found. Looking forward to more music by Kaycie. I give this a



With the opening line talking about period blood staining your clothes, Kaycie creates visuals that are arresting, nearly cringey, and above all…”as a woman” relatable. Capturing that feeling of that so many women feel, and the repeating, haunting chorus that echoes the fear we all feel. That “nobody believes you. nobody’s listening” feeling. The song is constructed in a way that these lyrics can’t be ignored, but the music is strong and enjoyable in it’s own right as well. The story of the song and its sentiment just stole the show for me. Don’t we all at some point feel like this? Shouldn’t we all be talking about it more? Luckily there’s people like Kayce Satterfield who do it in a beautifully poetic manner. Soft and yet it’s hard to ignore. Can’t wait to hear more! (woops didnt mean to rhyme)


Sean Maldjian