Lazare Hoche | Time Guard EP

Lazare Hoche Time Guard

Family Average: 3/7

Whats cracking you mother Hoches? Today is a special day. Today is the day that Kevin whipped out this little ditty for the family to have a listen to. In the past the elders of the family has had aversion to techo-tronic tunes. Maybe they watched hardware one too many times. Maybe a toaster burned them once. We will never know the reasons. Still let’s look below and see what they said.

Look below and see what the family had to say.


Texture is important. Texture is present in everything even if you are not made totally aware of it. Just look at these widely spaced paragraphs on this blog. The texture resembles that of a neatly plowed field. If the spacing was inconsistent It would still resemble a field, just one of a farmer who cares a lot less about their farm.

So yes texture is important. What texture do we find on this EP? Lazare gives us the perfect sonic representation of a bag of potato chips. There I have made my thesis statement. Now bear with me while I try and explain. Right off the bat the first word that came to my mind was thin, and crisp. Just get a load of those hand claps. They are almost over before they even leave the tiny electronic fingers. The delicate hi-hats are reminiscent of someone lightly sprinkling salt over our potato slices as they move down the assembly line. The sweet ghostly lady voice that creeps in and out of the track. That is your desire to eat more potato chips. You know they are bad for you, but that voice is just impossible to resist. As we give in to temptation, indulging in chip after chip we get to our last point. There's a good amount of space that seeps into this track. Reverb is tacked on and there songs seem to occupy a much larger space. This is the final key ingredient to a great bag of chips. That is of course a ton of empty space. Without that empty space potato chip companies would sell half as many bags, and society we know it would collapse.

This was a fun couple of songs to listen to. I will most likely do it all over again today as I ride the train to brunch.



Lazare Houche’s new release had me reminiscing of driving Kevin and his crew to surf team practice! I realize it would remind most people of a fun long night out at the clubs dancing till the sun comes up, however living with Kevin brings it’s own life experiences. This isn’t really something marketed to me but I have developed an appreciation for this type of electronic music. That being said I found myself wanting more substance from this EP. It was fine as background music but I think the goal would be to produce something more than that. It did peak my interest in this artist and so I did listen to some other works and found them a bit more interesting.  All in all this was a pleasant enough experience, just not an overwhelming one.  



Fair disclaimer, I am not a fan of techno music, nope not a fan at all as a matter of fact, i would rather hear my single coil pickups hissing and feeding back through an old tube amplifier, as opposed to Techno.  So now you know what you are dealing with. So you could categorize my feelings as mental illness, but i like what i like, and I make no apologies. This track sounded the same to me as any other Techno stuff, granted i have untrained ears when it comes to this genre but man, was it ever so predictable. I could listen to this track while on hold waiting for techno support, or better yet waiting for a Webcast to start. No for me


Sean Maldjian