MESSIMER | Loose (Single)

Loose by Messimer

Family Average: 4/7

Get your riding boots on MESSIMER has a brand new single. Holy smokes lots of people down there think this is the perfect tune to cruise down a highway to. Just a quick listen will get you in the mood I promise. Next thing you know it you will be taking to the streets. Maybe on a motorcycle alongside Dennis Hopper and with Jack Nicholson strapped to your back. What on earth did the family make of all of this? Read down below to find out.


“Loose” by Messimer struck me as having a strong  70’s influence. I’m thinking Foghat or maybe a little Rush or AC/DC. I felt like I was back in High School driving around with friends, singing this very loudly.  A lot of energy, great composition and vocals to match both. I could see this being a great road trip song or something you throw onto a playlist so you can listen and make your workout fly by.  I would like to hear l little more from these guys. Hopefully next time they will put out an EP. That would help you really hear what they are all about.



I don't know man, I can't really say this song feels nice. I don't like it and I felt that it was created for the specific purpose of making upset (to my knowledge this was not their intention but its up in the air). The intro is super solid; I really love that pulsing bass-line melody, it just sounds tight as hell. But just when it feels like i'm about to get my rocks off, it divulges into what sounds like a parody rock song. The high tenor is to blame for me feeling this way; I just can't get behind the vocal style. Nevertheless, I stayed for the bass lines and as i kept listening i had to ask myself: are the vocals really that  bad? No, this is just something i'm not used to i guess. But for now i still hate it. Keep making more songs and maybe i'll hate it less.



Wow These Guys have to be driving around in a plymouth “Road-Runner” or  a Dodge GTO. They are drinking bud from cans and wearing a white puka bead chokers, bell bottoms, long hair, front-button polyester shirts and shoes with big chunky heels. These guys are right out of that 70’s show, because they seem too young to have lived this type of music, but man I was transported back to the Hot Rod Music of the late 1970’s, and it was a fun trip. I was a huge fan of Messimer from the opening guitar riff and as the song builds i was really drawn in. The guitar sole was clean and bold, free of heavy effects, almost as if to say “take me as I am”. I am guessing that they are fans of the band “Foghat”, this track was similar to that band’s huge hit “Slow Ride, Take it Easy” also similar to “Night Ranger's” “Sister Christian” another classic car song.

I know the lyrics do not specifically mention cars or cruising, but they do seem to reference youthful freedom and a rebellious carefree existence, “Any Old Time When I Get Loose” reminds me of my catholic school upbringing, there were so many freaking rules and things that you could not do, that once you finally got loose you wanted to burned the school to the ground. Thank you Messimer for bringing back those feelings of unbridled freedom, when i had nothing, and therefore had nothing to lose.



Lets get loose ladies! Boy oh boy this song is a hoot. I was kind of worried it may have been another run of the mill rocking jam, but those vocals gosh darn. Comping in high hot, and flapping around like a peacock. From there on the rest of the band totally won me over. The Bass is off kilter which I enjoy, and those drums just drive it all home. This is a glamorous tune made for flying down a desert highway in a muscle car with a trunk full of beer preferably Lone Star.

Yeah this song is a real feel good time. All your buddies are here, you have high harmonies in the chorus, palm muted strumming, and lets not forget the classic minimalist guitar solo.

At about three and a half minutes it does start to feel it’s length. That is always going be a problem I have with this genre. It is in its nature to come off a little repetitive. That being said there is enough energy in this tune to keep it from being a slog.

Nice moves boys.



I could see Messimer’s “Loose” being the perfect song to play as you’re driving away from a bank robbery. Not saying I plan on robbing a bank anytime soon, and if I was I sure as hell wouldn’t write it into this public blog, but that would be the first song I’d add to my “robbing the shit outta these banks” mix CD. The song builds in a way that was unexpected to me, but listening a second time made perfect sense. The first few seconds were mellow, then it got amped up. The guys’ high pitched and higher energy vocals took it up the extra felony-inspiring notch for me. It’s reminiscent of Glam rock of the 80’s, in the best kind of way. I also was sort of reminded of JET, especially the guitar solo near the end. Is dad listening to these dudes? I feel like he’d be into it. To quote back the lyrics “I know it’s something that I can’t deny”, I liked this little song.



Messimer is bringing back glam rock. Y'all ready?

What an absolute grooving opening guitar moment. The pure, infectious energy immediately caught my attention. Was this song on the Footloose soundtrack? The OG one, not that dumpster fire remake (full disclosure: I did not see the remake, but I heard bad things).

This song definitely taps into some old school rock vibes -- think 70s glam rock, big hair, lamé pants, etc. etc. It's an absolute gold mine of a period to riff on, so I'm stoked to see a contemporary band mining this sort of sound. It's just a foot stomping good time with a lot of personality. The arrangement is high-powered and heavy, and those falsetto vocals make me want to sing right along with them. I almost feel like I should be at a roller-derby or a discotheque. There needs to be a disco ball and flares. Lots of flares.


Sean Maldjian