Loosh feat. Julián Maliandi | Curva (single)


Family Average: 4/7

LOOOOoOOOoOOOSH! A very fun word to say. Also a fun word to yell at someone calling them a “Loosher”. Most importantly though it is a song, and even more important than that thing I had said was most important we have a review for this song. Psych rock projects Loosh brings in the talented Julián Maliandi to deliver some sweet jams. Now I know what you are thinking: “What did The Family have to say about all of this?”

Listen along on here and read on to find out:


Interesting, at time it reminded me of the Jefferson Air Plane White Rabbit minus the hard driving rock and roll. At other times there was choir music and it sounded like a movie score. The track was only 4 min. 38 seconds but due to all of the changes it seems to go on a much longer. I didn’t lover it but I didn’t dislike it either. I am curious about this artist I would like to hear more.

3/7  it had mass appeal


I felt like I was listening to the singers from the other end of a long metal tunnel. Sometimes they came up to the fore with the instruments, but they always fell back again. As the song progressed, it made more sense with the mood of the song, but the fact that it kept flip-flopping was strange. There’s also a weird guitar wail that sounds almost like a clarinet. Not sure what the lyrics are, maybe they’ll help make heads or tails of what’s going on. Also, halfway through it sounds like it changes to a different song. All the instruments drop out and you’re just left with the girls at the end of the tunnel. But when you take away the rest of the stuff, they’re surprisingly great singers.



I spent the first 50 seconds of this trying to understand the lyrics until I realized it was in another language. Not gonna lie, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it took that long to figure it out. So other than the "what the heck kind of instrument is that!?" at around 1:40ish, I can say I enjoyed this single. It felt as spooky and free-floating as the album art. Her vocals are familiar and yet unique; they had a cinematic quality to them. The last minute or so changes the pace, making you feel like you're walking out on a desolate, snow covered lake watching ghost deer float all around. I’m not even high writing this, that's just where the song took me!



Ok, I like this. There’s something appealing about the distorted guitar and the singer’s voice sounding like it’s cast through a tunnel. Sung in spanglish, I really have no idea what this song is about (shout out to approx. ten years of public school French classes), but that doesn’t matter. It’s short and sweet, driven by a hard guitar line, and features a jarring transition to these ethereal vocals that seem suited for an evensong service. That sharp transition splice the song into two distinct spaces. I’m a bit lost, but it was all very pretty and disorienting.



I can not help but get a little bit worried each time someone sends us along a single, and I see that it is 4+ minutes long. Not to sound pessimistic it just seems like more often than not the tracks have had too much put into them, transforming into this enormous complex mess of ideas. Now that I am done venting, I can happily say that this single does not do that. Instead, it does a great job giving you a streamlined look at what the group is capable of as artists, and the way they go about making music. Got some really nice fuzzy guitars driving through the heart of the track, and these hypnotic high vocals cutting through the noise. I was happy with where they take the song towards the end. They keep it simple, but with enough variation that you aren’t left bored.



Too much feedback! Just because you can use a lot of technology does not mean you should use it.  When you strip that away, she has a good voice but you have to work to hard to find it. I did not find this to be a pleasurable experience.  I would say pinpoint your strengths. Just focus on them and stop trying to include everything.



Staticy and lo-fi, is this French?

Is that like a saxophone?


I'm not sure what's up to be honest.

Wow, this song went from sounding like Wavves on the King of the Beach album to something completely different.

Then, the sad breakdown. Beautiful, reminds me of like those Christmas songs with the children’s choir that they play to evoke emotion in movies like Home Alone.

Definitely made by a talented, polished musician who knows what they're doing.



This is probably the best song I have heard all week. The beginning gave me just the right amount of depression. Then just when I thought I had died, the B section had the best serenade to take me to heaven. Man this chorus is so peculiar! I can't stop listening / singing as I try recreate the chord changes. I hope to hear more music from this band.


Sean Maldjian