Loulita Gill | The Last Twelve Years


Family Average: 2/7

Welcome one and all. This is Lolita Gill. UK based singer songwriter. On her debut album the last 12 years she covers a whole mess of topics with a ton of pretty words. The family also had some pretty words…

Listen along on Her Spotify and read on to find out:


Loulita Gill. This woman has one powerful voice she sure can hit the big notes she really knows how to carry a tune with perfect pitch. i must admit when i saw the album cover and read her name i was thinking i was going to hear some down-home country music from Ms. Gill. so maybe i had high hopes and was bound to be disappointed anyway but I got instead of Emi Lou Harris or Patsi Kline was Disney Princess. Most of the tracks reminded me of Disney movies, so I guess that is a good thing for most people just not for me. I did however like the piano and I feel that it mixed well with her vocal style but overall i did not connect with the singer, if possible her voice was too big, too perfect, you see that is what I love about country, its not perfect and sometimes you can hear a cry or crack in their voice. is it just me or did the track "Should I like it" sound identical to "call me maybe". In summary, this was well produced, great quality, a voice bigger than life, but it did not appeal to me personally.



Woah there. Actually though it really is not common for us to receive work that has been this polished. This is something people really gravitate towards. That all being said I am just going to come out and say it. I am not a huge fan of this super refined calculated production style. With so many talented people all putting little pieces in I am having a hard time getting to know the artist, and her message (which is after all the centerpiece of this one lady group) I had to go on her website to even figure out this was some christian rock stuff. I guess that's the next part of the album I am going to stumble blindly towards, sorry y’all tied a few on tonight hope that the quality of my writing does not suffer too much. It's cool you know religion and stuff, when there is a good message behind it like “be nice to people”, but it will always be impossible for me to completely seperate it from all the people that use it to do kinda awful things. So in that sense I can not really get down with the message completely. Otherwise I am absolutely floored by the talent this lady has, her voice can do some spectacular things. I guess what I would love to see is her sit down with a piano player or heck even just a tambourine, and let her vocals speak for themselves.



This is a strong piece of work from a clearly talented singer. Her vocal control is impressive, the tracks are well mixed, and it is very cohesive. At its core, the album is successfully uplifting; I feel like I should be skipping through a meadow of daisies while listening. Following that, the songs seem suited for a Disney movie -- highly produced, extremely sweet, and guaranteed to inspire a Princess on some coming of age journey. If not Disney, a Broadway musical for sure. Overall, it is extremely well done, just not my cup of tea.



oh wow. she's got some PIPES! Some of these songs reminded me of a much earlier Taylor Swift, or even Hansen during the "Mmbop" era. It sounded like music from a more innocent time...when we needed our parents to give us rides to the movies and we didn't really know or care who our president was. Maybe because I am no longer in that time this album dragged on to me. But hey its okay it because she brought it back with "Should I like it". That had my had bopping with approval. Overall I think I was more impressed with her vocals than her ability to compose an album.



It sounds good. It sounds good. But it doesn't really sound like anything. This album lacks originality; I wished that there was just one glimmer of hope, a song that made me fall in love with this album, what's the word for it, a savior? There was no savior. That grand piano and string quartet and blah blah has all been heard before. I found myself cringing as these ballads rained down on me harder than the genesis flood. No hook was catchy, no lyric made me think, cry, or feel any emotion besides boredom. It was like buying vanilla ice cream. I would rather be put up on a cross than listen again



From the first track she impressed me as a very accomplished singer. Very pretty voice and extremely professional presentation.  That being said, I couldn't help being reminded of a Disney Princess Movie soundtrack. I continued listening to each track hoping for that song that would show another dimension to her but it just never really came to me. I just kept envisioning Ariel and Sebastian in a boat.  If this is what she was trying to achieve then she really hit the mark. For me, however, I was just not a fan.



Okay a bit embarrassing but I didn’t realize that this was a Christian album until I was talking with the rest of the fam later on. On one hand, I feel like anyone could have made that mistake if they were simultaneously processing commission. But on the other hand…one song’s straight-up called Deliverance so…yeah. Anyway, it was a decent album. Sometimes singers just kinda phone it in, but you can feel emotion in her voice. Kinda makes you want to sing along, especially when the vocals kick in. The instruments are clean and clear, and the additional ambient sounding elements that accompany the piano help give the tracks more color. That said, the first four songs are rather interchangeable, similar sound and similar lyrics; uplifting songs about how the singer was lost until God saved her. They get a bit more diverse as the album goes on, but the message of God’s saving grace is heavy in all of them. It kind of reminds me of one of those CD collections they’d advertise on tv, like this one called Worship Together. If you watched Cartoon Network in the early 2000s you probably know what I mean. It ended on a good note though. Should I Like It was strangely energetic in comparison to the others. It was light and fresh. I’d like to hear some more songs that utilized that kind of vibe. Good vocals and decent instrumentals, but suffers a bit from homogenization and generic lyrics.


Sean Maldjian