LVIV | Dogs (Single)


Family Average: 3/7

Look below and see what the family had to say.


What you see is what you get. There is no surprise here, just straight out punk rock for your soul. I like the hard driving riff of the guitar and the pure punk delivery of the vocals. This track works well as a single. Bravo Boys.



Some solid driving post punk tunes on this track. Drives me straight down the freeway with that bass line. Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum X ∞. My favorite kind of aggression comes from frustration in monotony. What can I say? It’s relatable as heck as I settle into my boring older years. I yearn to flip my desk over and jump around in a mosh pit. While that is not feasible for me to do at this time “Dogs” will do well to fill the void.


Some solid post punk from down under. It’s got just enough grating repetition to scratch that angsty itch and get my head aggressively nodding. However, it doesn’t quite fit the bill. It’s short and sweet, and felt a bit muted despite my efforts to turn up the volume. I’d be keen to see what these Aussies could do after a little jolt to their respective systems. 


Sean Maldjian