Masino | Days Ahead (Single)


Family Average: 4/7


We have Good Stuff here. I have always believed that there is quality in simplicity. This track opens with a catchy but subtle guitar riff.  The vocal flow over this riff effortlessly. There are not a lot of effects, no reverb, just clean guitar and it sounds nice.All of this makes for a pleasing composition. This track works well after a stressful day, or you could drink it in with your morning cup of coffee and a glazed donut. So put on your headphones and get ready to relax and enjoy the Days Ahead.  



Well this is lovely. Simple and healthy for your head. Lacadasical vocals with pretty, melodic guitar, perfect for a lazy, slow moving morning by yourself while looking out the window. Also reminds me of a pink sky out the car window with no shoes on. 

Nothing all that crazy, just the right amount of simple.  


Sean Maldjian