Moon Diver | Laze

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Family Average: 5/7

Well, Moon Diver, you've done it—you got the family running amok. The band's west coast vibe and synth / indie rock sound pushed us over the edge. Dad's sniffing dryer sheets, Kate's stumbling around Williamsburg, and Serge is mildly impressed. Did everyone lose their senses, or just totally vibe with this atmospheric album? 

Listen along on Spotify and read on to find out:


Man oh man is this thing s-p-a-c-e-d out. I really wish I did not read that the band took inspiration from Slowdive because I found myself constantly comparing the two of them. Luckily by the time I got to the end I was like “Hey these guys got their own thing going on”. That being said they did take on some of my favorite qualities from the band Slowdive (melodies, lots of fuzz on guitar, and ethereal singing). The part where they took a turn in another direction was the energy. Man oh man I love me some subdued pep. A lot like running in a dream, you feel the urgency but everything is passing so slow. Now your hands are melting and teeth falling out, while a beard grows down to your ankles. That was a bad dream, not like this album though, this is a good dream album. Thank you my Moon Drivers. Would have to say that of all the tracks “El Camino” stood out as my favorite.



This must be what it feels like to be floating in space. I mean, holy moly was this lovely to listen to -- and so needed to mellow me out and lift my spirits. I was carried off into some alternative dreamscape by the lush and levitating vocals, driven by the glimmering guitar and synth combos. The tracks had a really solid balance of being unhurried and downtempo, but never felt prolonged or drawn out. I was just happy to drift along with them and enjoy the ride. My only gripe is that they sound like a lot of music I’ve heard before, so I would love to see them push themselves a bit more to establish an even more dynamic and unique sound.



Get me into a cab and over the bridge to Williamsburg, spin me around, and throw me into a purply pink lit bar somewhere and I would be pleasantly surprised to find these guys on stage.

From the album art, to the organization of the tracks, to the composition of the songs themselves, the intention to invest good time and work into this album was evident. I could really see myself getting down to this on a weekend or heck, even Thursday or Wednesday night. Definitely a synth-rock/indie vibe which is up my alley. My favorite I’d have to say was “El Camino” almost had a Talking Heads feel to it. 

Keep it up fellas (and talented lady)! And hopefully play a show in Brooklyn some time soon eh?



I like this band. What comes to my mind is the dryer sheet, Bounce. You know, the pleasant smell. It’s light and airy, with the warm feeling of summer. I’ve always liked the clean sound of Indie Rock, and these guys take it to the next level. They put a fresh coat of paint on the genre, and it feels real nice.

This album would flow well at a seaside cafe. Anywhere near the ocean, this music fits in effortlessly. “El Camino” had some serious potential for radio play. As a matter of fact, I could see it becoming a summer hit.

A welcomed 4/7


This album is good, very good. Compared to most albums we had to review recently, this one was very well balanced and all the instruments blended in together nicely.

The drums and bass worked really good together and the synth and guitar occupied their own space without stepping on each other’s toes. They all work together and make the sound really tight without being too cluttered, which is a typical pitfall for synth oriented music. Special mention to the guitarist, who I think did a really good job with his sound and his presence. Kinda remind me of Beach House, and early St. Vincent. This also originates from the songwriting, which I really liked.

They kept a minimal amount of tracks and parts, but all of them are good, and it’s not overproduced. That’s something difficult to achieve, so I admire that. And I think it’s a lesson for most people writing music (including me) : keep it simple! Nobody cares if you can shred or play 5/7 time signatures perfectly. They want a cool song that communicates emotions.

If I had one criticism, it’s probably the vocals. I don’t know if it’s the recording or the mixing, but they had weird effects in them, which sometimes made them sound pitchy and not great. But that’s honestly a detail at this point.

Most of the album is good, and I’d listen to it again for sure!



This was an interesting album to review. This did not strike me as a genre I am particularly fond of so I feared my opinion would be biased.  I am glad I continued listening through the entire album, as it kind of grew on me. I appreciate the investment this band has in their work. They have a definite vibe and work hard to convey it to their audience.  If I were to pick a favorite track, “El Camino” would be it. It may be the song on the album with the most mass appeal or perhaps it just appeals to me. I enjoyed the richness here as opposed to other tracks I felt to be a bit over produced. I give this album a


Sean Maldjian