Blood Cultures | Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs

Blood Cultures - 2019 Press Photo 1.jpg

Family Average: 5/7

Full disclosure: Blood Cultures is an excellent indie project from the depths of Brooklyn, not a medical examination or scientific experiment. That being said, if you’re anything like me and get all woozy at the sight/thought/smell of blood, take heed because listening to this psych-pop set may produce a similar experience.

Did anyone in the family faint upon listening? Give it a gander and see for yourself.


This album kind of floats and oozes through your brain and ears. Synthy, poppy, hazy, easy. I enjoyed the float.



I hit play on this and an elder relative said; “That’s not music, that’s bad electrical sounds.” 

So, to each their own. I picked up on some similarities to Toro Y Moi, but this electro pop piece stands out on its own two feet. There’s a familiarity to the music despite that it doesn’t seem to follow any traditional structure. Hazy and sort of intoxicating, synthy and airy, they’ve created an album of visceral and nostalgic earworms.  



Rev up those glow sticks we have a real party on our hands! No, but seriously these guys are giving me some serious Animal Collective vibes. I know people hate comparisons, but I just made one and my backspace key is awfully far away. Also if you notice any spelling mistakes refer to my previous sentence. 

Back in the saddle. As always they boast their ever-evolving eclectic sound. Pulling in samples and influences from the far reaches of your public library. Some very nice drum breaks on this. I was especially fond of where they took the tunes “Uncertainty An Anthem” and “Information”. A few of the more indie house songs lost me towards the end but overall I had a good old glittery time with this piece of music.


Sean Maldjian