Kate Davis | Open Heart (single)


Family Average: 3.6/7

Y’all may remember we featured the darling that is Kate Davis a few times before. She’s like fro-yo or skittles or those weird edamame things from sushi places — we can’t get enough!  So obviously we had to peep her latest release — even if it did get a little gory.

Give it a listen and check out what the family had to say about this tearjerker. 


Open Heart” has a Kate Nash, Regina Spektor vibe to it that I was digging incredibly. It’s strange. I think it’s a song that works perfectly for whether you want to get pumped up or want to cry. Maybe even for...getting pumped up to cry? Come on, we’ve been there. 

Simple, upbeat, refreshing lyrics, and a whole mixture of emotions. That’s what you get from “Open Heart”. 



Open heart is sweet and pithy, and seems to compare a broken heart to undergoing heart surgery. A bit extreme, perhaps. A bit dramatic, perhaps. It reminds me a fair bit of Sarah Bareilles or maybe a little Fiona Apple, but all in all, the emotion is there and the melodies are sweet. Undoubtedly a cathartic, bouncy little track to blast post-breakup.



 I was feeling a lack of zest in this latest track. While the driving persistent beat does well to move the song along it is going forward with no real clear purpose or goal. Lyrics hit hard, but other than that not much else I was vibing on.


Sean Maldjian