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Family Average: 6/7

Websters Dictionary defines Parcles as “a wrapped bundle”. For the first time in my life I agree with those eggheads over at Webbys. This album is a bundle of energy, joy, and confetti, also there might be some wine. Nu-Disco or whatever you want to call it is here to stay, and if any of it is as good as these guys I am not so mad. At least we won’t have people exploding records on a baseball field. What the heck was that all about?

Look below and see what the family had to say.


Parcels brings the back those retro-disco vibes with this funky, groovy album. Don’t be intimidated by the amount and length of the tracks, they all make for some easy listening. It’s that quirky, neon quality that stylized the 60s-80s, modernized with some pop, electronic, and even dubstep attributes. Like if Earth, Wind, and Fire did a collab with Daft Punk.

This band has an incredible range. From the bright, checkerboard disco floor feel of “Lightenup”, to the regretful, melancholy contemplation of “Withorwithout” to the easy-breezy “Bemyself”, Parcels made sure not to limit themselves. While everything was in the same genre style, there were so many variations in regards to composition and musical accompaniment. Nothing felt like it was just thrown in. If something was used, it was used for a purpose and with the knowledge to make it work. The guitars and keyboards had that familiar funk distortion to them, and I loved how they mixed with the unfiltered classical instruments like the flute and violin. The synthesizer elements really helped tie the whole thing together. Even when they elements went to the background they still affected the track in subtle ways. I don’t know the actual terms for most of the sounds I heard, like the one in “Tape” that went waoum waoum waoum steadily in the background, or the one in “Everyroad” that sounded like wet raindrops, so I can’t provide much introspection on this part other than that they’re Good. The vocal style stays relatively the same, but that just helps to unify the album together and really sells that disco feel. The opting for a high, soft singing style for both the lead and backup vocals gives it that glittery, wispy quality which is fun and vibrant one minute and ethereal and foreboding the next.

If electronic music bugs you for some reason this might not land, but that's honestly the only reason I can think of for someone to not check this album out. The rest of y'all yeah give it a try. Parcels is a multi-layered album, so you'll find yourself discovering new things upon each relisten.



Oooooooooh yes!!! I started listening to Parcels about 2 years ago when I saw them getting some attention in France. They had that song “Myenemy”, which is probably still my favorite to date, but also “Hideout”, “Gamesofluck” and a great Daft Punk collab “Overnight”. It seemed like they just took the Random Access Memories album from Daft Punk and decided to make it their entire style. To actually manage to do it is quite impressive though, and I was wondering how they were going to evolve from there.

So I was pretty pumped to hear that they came out with a full length album and man they delivered. This album is hands down my favourite album in the past 2 years from anyone. It’s just so good, there’s hardly any bad song, everything is just so tight, it’s a masterpiece of groove, musicianship and precision. There’s an entire atmosphere that infused all the songs in the album and connects them together musically.  

I could comment for days on each song, but I’ll just stop to my top 3.

1) “Lightenup”: this song is just perfect. Every single part is catchy and just makes you want to dance. I appreciate the skills also, because if one of the musician is off, the whole thing falls apart. But it doesn’t here, it’s spot on rhythmically and melodically. This song just makes you want to run on the beach with the wind in your hair. Did I mention that it’s catchy ?

2) « everyroad » this instrumental piece has a similar summer vibe than the rest of the album, but builds up over 5 minutes into an epic electro drop beat that makes you want to head bang. I don’t know if I’d like that song as much if I hadn’t seen it live. That song live lit the whole place up and had everyone losing their mind, me included. It’s basically impossible to hear that and not want to dance!

3) « tieduprightnow”: Yes, it sounds like “loose yourself to dance” by Daft Punk, but I actually like this way better. It’s low key funky with an awesome bass line, catchy lyrics and a sick guitar riff. It’s perfect for a road trip down to the beach, a summer party where eveyone is dancing and having a good time.

Overall, I admire this album a lot because there’s a common atmosphere that links all the songs together. I also love that atmosphere of sunny funkiness. Everything is minimalistic but brilliant, the musicians are just so good and even though it can feel like a little repetitive, there’s not enough bands that reach this level of greatness so I’ll take it!



Parcels had to have been the best new band I saw live in a few years. I went into their concert earlier this year having not heard any of their music, much less their debut album...but by the time I left I was already throwing several songs onto various playlists.  

For a first album together as a band they came at it with the kinks fully worked through. They play together like a band who has been together for years...because that’s what they are! I know that there is usually a lot of bonding and development leading up to a full album, but I think these guys take it to another level. They moved to Europe together to make it as musicians, and their dynamic has only strengthened over the course of their time there on a French label. They released some singles that gained momentum and the attention of Daft Punk...who collaborated with them a few years back. Like they have PLAYED TOGETHER. I think as a result their music feels more mature and thought through than others their age (I think they’re around 23 or something though the keyboardist looks closer to 16)—it’s a seasoned relationship between the band members and their music that is clearly held with respect and love for the craft.  

That’s not to say the music isn’t fun, on the contrary actually it’s how fun and groovy each tune was that made me instantly addicted. Every kid at the show had this stupid smile on their face the whole time, and me and my boyfriend weren’t excluded from that! I get the same goofy smile every time “Tieduprightnow” comes on. That and “IknowhowIfeel” would have to be my favorite on this album.

Damn they’re just so good. I’m already excited for what’s next from these young Aussies. 



How am I going to show this cowboy that I am alive? Hey folks, Its me again writing to you a rambling droning gob of review stuff. Today I heard an album that actually changed my mood. For once in a long time I had a good feeling in my stomach pit after a well earned hangover.

This is one of those bands. You know the ones. Hopefully? Maybe? Anyone? HELP! I am trapped in a jet fighter simulation and my dreams are manifesting a horrid reality where I am the last person on the whole planet. Remember that episode of the twilight zone? Gosh I hope they don’t remake that one. Where was I. Oh yes, this album is a breath of fresh air into the Disco-Funk scene that has been underrepresented in my mind. 

Fun time acts like Justice, Daft Punk, Breakbot, maybe even The Avalanches all awaken this shiny feeling. The fellas know how to work drum machines, and they work them well. I think my favorite track on the album would have to be “IknowhowIfeel”. I know it might come across as the most stripped down, but it is the core of everything I like on this album. There is something to be said about a band who can do it without putting their entire arm in the blender. Just a finger or too. That's all it takes. Boogie on you space ladies. 



Parcel's has revived the disco genre and brought it to the millenial / Daft Punk loving masses. This new album feels modern but old school in the best way, blending that 70s beat and falsetto harmonies with some Pharel-ish production vibes.  

Parcels is a band that has always shown up sporadically on my Spotify, but I've never taken the time to listen to a full album. I'm always up for music that pays homage or draws influence from music of past (Especially the 60s/70s, please and thank you). However, that can get dicey sometimes -- things can get a little too campy, a little too twee real fast. But Parcels comes through! This album is full of unique moments of weird guitar, swelling synth, and some stellar beats.

"Yourfault" was my favorite song, sweet and heartbreaking. It had this dreamy, ethereal, otherworldly quality. Part of me kept imagining the pink ladies from Grease singing it during the "beauty school drop out" scene.

Overall, the album's got a lightness to it, but gives the pop genre a solid injection of creativity and ingenuity.


Sean Maldjian