Fumaça Preta | Piña Colada (single)

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Family Average: 4/7

Fumaça Preta has a whole new album PEPAS!! Released by Stolen Body Records it is coming to computers everywhere March 9th. For now we have a little sneak peak of one of the songs. The song was called Piña Colada, and It has touched our hearts. Finally after all these years we have a song to replace Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes. Ironic enough the only thing I ever want to “Escape” is that time period. Anyway no time to dwell on that. We have fantastic new music by Fumaça Preta to review!

Read on to find out:


Fumaça Preta has whipped up somethin’ real spicy…

Oh yes give me those weird tones and drums. The song kicks off like something off that Herbie Hancock album Sextant. You know what I am talking about? Those weird bings, and bongs that echo out into infinity. These noises are then punchy down tempo drums. This all sets up a lovely little framework for the vocals.

Not sure what any of these words are being said, but I can still get down with the whole vibe. I especially enjoy when they throw all the distortion on top of it to lead into the instrumental. I may once again annoy the heck out of Meghan by asking her to translate the entire song word for word.

At seven minutes long the song does a good job zigging and zagging into different shapes to keep it feeling like an ever unfolding journey. Which is really nice because usually long songs are a bloated mess.


Oh yeah, this is good, Fumaça Preta will rock your world.
Even though every single lyric was lost on me, the song was a real pleasure to listen to. The instruments were really strong, the drums, the bass, the keyboard, all great. The intro starts with slow but powerful pieces from the keyboard with great flourishes from the drums; it reminded me of Bernard Herman’s score for “Taxi Driver.” (High praise!)

Once the vocals start it really gets into this intense hybrid of something relaxing and chill and something intense and hardcore. It’s super cool and a lil experimental, which I love.

Will definitely listen to Fumaça Preta again.



Thank you, Fumaça Preta, for 7 minutes and 50 seconds of gloriously strange noise.

This is weird, but that good kind of weird. The best kind of weird. It feels experimental and vibrant; they're pushing the envelope of percussion, blending Latin rhythms with psychedelic rock. This blend could skew nostalgic, but washed over with a distinct bit of distortion, Fumaça Preta forges new territory. The music feels immediate and organic. Composed of moments of disparate noises, tempered by that lulled vocal, it's light and playful, washing over you with a rush of calm. There's a beauty in the way the instruments are layered, crashing into and building upon one another. Awash in that lovely sort of fuzz, delivered with a bit of a hip hop vibe, it yields a suffocating and woozy texture that pushes and pulls you along.

Nothing about this feels mainstream. I was totally charmed by its steady, heady vibe, and grooved right into their little universe.



What did I just hear? Fumaça Preta’s Pina Coloda is a cocktail of nightmarish sounds, a hard-driving beat, and confusion.

Apologies to the bartender, I want to take this drink back please. My sunday morning hangover is not so appreciative of the constant assault of sounds that are happening as I play the track for the second time. And through it all, I do enjoy the smooth catchy beat and his vocals. I just could do without literally everything else. Maybe the three glasses of wine from last night talking, but I’m feeling like the dude on that album cover. NOOOO THANK YOU TO THE STRANGE NOISES. NO I DON’T WANT A HIT OF YOUR VAPE PEN. NO I DON’T WANNA GO INTO THE FOGGY BACKROOM AT THE DIVE BAR! NO.

Fumaca may be falling victim to some of my own concert PTSD’s, but I am just not into it. I know there’s a good crowd for it, and some of them are related to me, but it’s not me.



I’m still not sure what to think of this. I’m usually very into this kind of trip-hop vibes, slow beat, low bass riff, weird sounds. I like the first 2 minutes of the song, it almost reminded me of Massive attack, Chinese man, or early Gorillaz. The drumming is good and there’s some really cool rhythm and effects on the voice. It’s got a tone that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable but is still cool. Now that I like!

But then it just lingers for too long. The weird sounds just start overpowering everything. I guess the intention is to create some sort of weird atmospheric ambiance, but in the second half of the song, it’s just not working for me. I feel like there was just too much of it and too loud in the mix, which just distract from the cool beat and bass line behind it. If that song was 3 minutes long, it’d be dope.


Sean Maldjian