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Family Average: 3/7

Is peppermint Sweet? The Peppermint Club is the creator of this lovely psychedelic pop music we heard this week, and It just got me thinking about the taste of peppermint candy. You would not call it sweet as much as you would call it minty. I’ll leave that thought for another day. Today we talk about music. Their music. They are The Peppermint club. They hail from the land of Australia, where the rivers are a pastel pink. Full of lush neon flamingos. Sounds like a dream huh?

Listen along on Their Bandcamp and read on to find out:


It must be said that this album art seems to suit the music perfectly. Super saturated, psychedelic inspired colors that paint an alternative, happy-go-lucky, flamingo-inhabited world. Hailing from Australia, these guys have created a record that feels like it was baked in sunshine and rainbows. It’s all kinds of dreamy and bouncy; a solid bit of beachy, indie pop with some psychedelic tones coursing through. Floaty vocals waft around the well-mastered multi-instrumentals, and there’s some nice woozy, kind of gooey parts. The length of the album is in of itself impressive, showcasing some solid skill in its breadth. Ironically, my gripe with the album is what I’ve actually been praising; it’s all a bit too sunny, too happy, too cutesy. Despite its complexities, it feels a little surface. Nevertheless, it this evokes feelings of warmth and good vibes -- a much needed respite in a rainbow and flamingo-less New York winter.



Well I have to say the name Peppermint Club congers up images of “The Strawberry Alarm Clock” who recorded “Incense and Peppermint”  So I was kinda thinking this would be Psychedelic Rock reminiscent of the early 1960’s with lots a groovy sounds and subtle references to drugs, parties and good times. While the music was pleasant and melodic and the vocals were of exceptionally good quality i kept looking for that really great hook, which we never really got. This album is mellow and catchy but unfortunately i good bored around track five or six. It was too predictable and even-keeled, I guess you could say there weren't any bumps in the road, and in my opinion rock and roll needs bumps in the road. Every now and then I need a shock to the system and this one was almost too pleasant and enjoyable, if that makes any sense to anyone.

I strongly believe that i had unrealistic expectations for this group based upon the name of their band. I honestly feel that if they were called something else, my expectation would not have been so high and i may have liked them more. So up your game or change your name. I think there is an awful lot of potential here, quality music, accomplished musicians, but they need a six pack of “Red Bull” or a shot of adrenaline if they keep that awesome psychedelic name.



Classic indie guitar and vocals, hey this stuff works, but it has worked exactly the same in the past. I've heard this album before over and over.

Yet they still created beautiful music. The guitar makes me think of conch shells, beautiful noises they've created. This music is nice, its fine, relaxing, down to earth, calm.

Slow warmness. Makes me feel like I’m in a car driving in circles, it's really warm and there's no clouds, leaning out the backseat window with the warmth of the sun on my elbows.

The energy never moves past mellow even when the guitar starts to get a bit harder.

A bit generic, but yes it’s beautiful.



In this music I hear psychedelic and pop rock influences. They have a specific idea and have worked hard at their craft to produce an excellently arranged piece of music. The composition and arrangement of each song reflects their attention to detail. I totally appreciate their talent and the work they have put into this project.  That being said I am just not a big fan of this music. It just never hooks or reels me in. For me there was just not enough originality or energy to make this something I would seek out and listen to again. I give this



What a mellow trip down candy river. Psych pop trio The Peppermint club is serving up some real subdued tunes. Without a doubt their sound falls in line with bands like Junip, and The Shins. They have nailed that toned down kind of felling.

This kind of sound may frustrate people, especially those looking for high impact violence, but for me it seems to be an ideal amount of energy. The band was able to stretch songs sound without having them feel too long. Instead I found myself getting lost in the meandering and whirling sounds.

The lyrics really stood out to me on this one too. Lots and lots of bittersweet messages, and longing. I felt that kind of message lends itself to this sound.

If I had any compliant to make at all I would say that it did not go far enough in any direction. I think pushing their sound a little further into the more experimental sides of psych rock could have added some much needed dimension.


Sean Maldjian