Potatohead People | No Sleep Till MTL (TEYMORI Remix)

Potatohead People |  No Sleep Till MTL (TEYMORI Remix).png

Family Average: 5/7

Who doesn’t love a good potato. Sweet potato! Mashed potato! Potato chips! TOTS ! The list goes oooooon, my friends.

That list now includes Potatohead People! Of no relation to the Potatohead of our childhood, this Canadian hiphop/electronic duo gave the fam even more reasons to love a good spud.

Check out their Bandcamp and see what the family had to say below.


I always find it a bit difficult to review a remix. This is especially true when I have not heard the original. Even still I want to give it a shot with this track. It is going to be pretty easy to talk about because I am just gushing with positive feelings towards it. TEYMORI, you are one clever birdie.

At it’s core this is a suave as heck house song. That being said a lot of how it was made sets it into a class of it’s own. Each one of the components in the pallet are stellar. From the claves clacking, to the sound of the crowd talking everything gets me more and more comfortable. Stand out would have to be that brass though. Love how they toot right on through the noise and just breakdance all over the track.

For a song that lasts close to five and a half minutes it never gets close to feeling it’s length. Constant variation and innovation will keep you interested throughout. Beep Beep keep on bopping.



A nice smooth vibey funk fest that just kinda runs and runs along. The foundation of it is like classic dance music, but then it's got a lot of toppings.  Layered onto that foundation is some funky base, some horns and other bits of goodness. It stays for a while and that was all right with me.



I like this a whole lot more than I thought I would / probably should. This is some kind of hip hop / 70s disco / 80s electro-pop infused magic. I recognize that's a lot of things -- but there's a lot of things going on in this song.

It ebbs and flows, is repetitive and somewhat lengthy, but I never got bored due to the instrumental variation. These beats are slow but heavy, with immense reverb and some woozy groove. There's even some sweet moments of a peppy jazz trumpet coursing through. Plus that kitschy addition of crowd noise chatter as a background track. Overall the production really feels like it's some sort of (cheesy) 70s house music, but I'm all for it. I recently watched the Studio 54 documentary and feel like this song would fit right in with all the flares and gold chains and disco balls. It’s a vibe.  


Sean Maldjian